Sandy Hookish: A patchwork quilt of charitable concerns.

Note: This article is based on collaborative research by Anne Berg, Alison Maynard and the author. Please note that extensive research, much of which is not included here, turned up surprising connections between places and people. Some may be merely coincidental while others may be significant. We have included them so that readers may be informed and arrive at their own conclusions. ~C

In Part 3 of our “Doors of Deception” series, we examined the connection between Room #5 at Sandy Hook Elementary school and the conga line photos by Shannon Hicks that helped build the myth of a police evacuation on 12-14-12. We concluded with our belief that a dual timeline was used, likely involving at least two dates for the photographic record.

In this post, we’ll go beyond the conga line in the Sandy Hook labyrinth – to points southwest and ultimately beyond Connecticut’s boundaries – to examine connections farther afield. If a common theme can be found for all that follows, we would have to settle on one word: Charity. Charity is a virtue, of course, but in the Sandy Hook story – indeed, in the story of our time – it carries other freight.

Let’s begin with an article from an obscure digital source from Oregon, the Bend Bulletin, titled “A Deeper Christmas in Sandy Hook.” The focus is on one of the conga line children, whose mother, Catherine Galda, has family ties to Bend. In the article, Mrs. Galda describes her experience after hearing about the lockdown at the school. After parking her car, she allegedly ran to the firehouse by foot where she met up with her daughter an hour later.

Mrs. Galda’s daughter, Hannah, isn’t clearly visible in the conga line because the child next to her has “her right arm stretched, obscuring Hannah’s face.” Hannah is in a pink top. The top of her head can be seen (based on her mother’s description) directly beneath the sleeve of the woman in the blue-and-white sweater:

The “Iconic” Photo. Photo Credit: Shannon Hicks, Newtown Bee/AP

We’re told that Catherine Galda is a career psychotherapist married to husband James Galda, a plumber (not of the Watergate variety). It’s an odd juxtaposition, but that’s not what caught our attention.

Got resiliency? Mrs. Galda interested us because of her involvement in the Recovery and Resiliency* Team in Newtown. Her LinkedIn profile is impressive, listing credentials as a psychotherapist and social worker.

After 12-14-12, the Department of Justice bestowed $7 million on the town for the purpose of “recovery care” for Newtown residents. Some 800 families are said to have received counseling under the multi-million-dollar federal funding, according to this article.

The same article describes what happened after the money dried up in 2016: Newtown assembled its own local team of mental health professionals:

“The disbanding of a federally funded trauma team that helps people deal with the Sandy Hook massacre has forced the town to improvise to ensure the recovery care continues.”

In other words, to ensure the continuing flow of funding.

The article points to grants from sources like Praxair, Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation and the federal Victims of Crime Act. And the following caption beneath a group photo discloses who would become the new mental health duennas:

“Deb DelVecchio-Scully, front left, Melissa Glaser, front right, Catherine Galda, back left and Margot Robins are working on a long-term plan for Newtown, Conn., after a federally funded trauma team that helped people deal with the Sandy Hook shootings wraps up its work.”

Recovery addiction: “This is who we are.” “It is a huge challenge, but we need to accept our reality and find the pathway to the resources we are going to be responsible for providing for decades,” First Selectman Pat Llodra was quoted as saying in the same article. “We have to be honest about it and own it and say ‘this is who we are.’ ”

The article goes on to say that more people are coming forward “needing support every day” due to the massacre. The article appeared four years after 12-14-12. Let’s ask the forbidden question: How long can community “recovery” go on? Especially considering how many directly involved in the incident no longer live in Newtown.

And that includes Mrs. Galda herself.

A sudden move. The dream job of 2016 didn’t hold Mrs. Galda in town long, but led to greener pastures. From her LinkedIn profile and the article here, we learn that she migrated due south to become Director with Catholic Charities in November 2016. It’s not surprising that Mrs. Galda’s new position in Central Florida is mostly about trauma and its management. From the article:

“With Behavioral Health, we seek to be holistic, caring for a person’s mind, body and soul. We also provide resources and coordinated care. We also seek to remove the stigma that has made it difficult for people to seek help. We want to help people understand how mental health affects physical health. We also look beyond the immediate concern and find the root causes of a problem that are often the result of a traumatic episode,” said Galda.

The move to Florida was followed by the dissolution (on Hallowe’en of 2017) of a small business, Galda Holdings, LLC, that Mrs. Galda operated together with her husband, the plumber James Galda. The business was located at 15 Sand Hill Road in Sandy Hook, which may have involved the rental of a cottage situated on the property near the main house.

According to our research on, the main property was one of those anomalies in Newtown that has a sale for $0 recorded on Christmas Day of 2009. Zillow puts the resale at $435,000 in September 2017, a nice return.

Other interesting facts about the former Galda property and business:

These may all be mere coincidences; we are merely noting them.

A General Electric connection. Charles lived not far from Newtown at the time when Shannon Hicks was photographing conga lines. But Charles is no plumber. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is Chief Information Officer of Technology Centers and Services, with global responsibility for GE Capital’s Technology Centers.

He has also been on the Technology Board of Danbury Hospital, where two children were allegedly brought and died after the purported massacre. (We never learned these children’s names.)

A charitable history. Why should an upper-level executive position with GE be of interest to SH researchers? Obviously, there is the fact that Adam Lanza’s father, Peter Lanza, was a higher-up at the light bulb company: VP of GE Capital as well as serving as a partner at Ernst & Young.**

More important, after 12/14/12, GE loaned expert employees to Newtown Town Hall to help manage all of the charitable donations and generally run things for a year. This reeks of corporatism, but no one seemed to mind. GE had already chipped in $15MM to help manage the overflow of charitable gifts.

With GE then situated in Fairfield and Stamford, and hundreds of high-level employees living in and around Newtown, giving them a place at the table must have seemed perfectly natural to town managers. Hadn’t the corporation earned its right to oversee the Sandy Hook charity ball? (See: GE executives have sat on the boards of local charities for decades.

GE recently moved its headquarters from CT to Boston, causing consternation among the CT towns to which it once contributed hefty taxes. However, according to Wikipedia, GE Financial remains in Norwalk.

Charles Galda may be working elsewhere, having sold his Brookfield home in June 2018. Whatever the case may be, Charles, like his sister-in-law, left behind a record of notable charitable interests, including Walnut Hill Community Church (Bethel, CT) and the Center of Hope (Haiti). Out of curiosity spurred by Galda’s corporate and familial associations, we took a gander at both.

Walnut Hill Community Church, Bethel. This evangelical assembly, only a few miles from Newtown, is where Galda has served as an elder and member of the board of directors. In 2013, the church ran into some trouble in the form of civil suits on allegations of sexual abuse of a minor due to negligence by members of the church’s youth leadership. The perpetrator had already been arrested and sentenced in 2010. The 2013 complaint targeted the church itself, the senior pastor, the pastor of community life, the youth pastor and a former elder. Galda was not named, nor has he commented to our knowledge. We weren’t able to determine the outcome of these charges.

Center of Hope, Haiti. Charles Galda also lists among his accomplishments his service as a volunteer treasurer and director of the Center of Hope Haiti, Inc., which has somewhat straitened-looking headquarters in Stamford CT at 22 Vista Street. If you zero in on the sign, you’ll see that the building is owned by an establishment called the French-speaking Baptist Church.

Above photo from:

The French-Speaking Baptist Church has another location in Stamford at 28 Adams Ave. Stamford. It looks a little down-at-heel:

Above photo from:

Unfortunately, the Center of Hope isn’t listed by Charity Watch, since its revenue is below the threshold of $1million.

Charity Navigator lists it, but doesn’t rate it:

Oddly, the above entry (from Charity Navigator) lists the location as Middlebury, CT, not Stamford. Upon clicking the MORE INFO button, we found that the address there is a post office box: PO BOX 1150, MIDDLEBURY, CT 06762-1150. Hm? Why doesn’t the mail go to the Vista Street, Stamford address?

A search of confirmed the above addresses:

Physical Address

22 Vista Street

Stamford, 06902

Payment Address

P.O. Box 1150

Middlebury, CT 06762

The distance between Stamford and Middlebury is 53 miles. Why not a P.O. box in Stamford? It just seems odd. And odder still is another mailing address for the charity on the opposite end of the continent, in Orinda, California.

You can find some of the financials on the Center of Hope at this link. For instance:

A focus on Hispaniola. Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the Caribbean island known as Hispaniola, roughly dividing it into halves, with a bit more turf on the Haitian side. It is a vortex of weather woes, disease and poverty, as well as slavery and human trafficking. See the following links:

Hispaniola has been a focus for charity-minded former residents of Connecticut’s western region. Besides Center of Hope, we discovered two other charities with peculiar links to names that readers will recognize from the Sandy Hook incident. We present such facts as we were able to find not in order to accuse anyone of anything, but simply because we found the stories to be instructive, involving odd coincidences and unfortunate twists of fate.

  1. The Batey Foundation, 371 West Farm Rd. Bethlehem, NH USA 03574

This charity is described as “a non-profit, secular, and non-political entity focused on universal principles of human rights, social justice, and community service in the bateyes of the Dominican Republic.” Batey is said to provide scholarships, community support, work and cultural exchange services.

“Bateyes” are settlements around sugar mills, found in impoverished places like Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The foundation takes its name from this odd word. But it was another name that first drew our attention.

George Hochsprung’s first wife. Mr. Hochsprung was the third husband of Dawn Hochsprung, the former principal of Sandy Hook Elementary. His first wife, Janet (Walzer) Smith, works/worked at the foundation, as stated on her Facebook page.

The Batey Foundation is the brainchild of Janet Walzer Smith’s ex-son-in-law, Joshua “Sweat” Lawton, who was married to Amy Hochsprung, Janet and George’s daughter. Amy worked at White Mountain School in New Hampshire and, oddly, the address of that school is identical to that of the Batey Foundation.

Joshua Lawton is something of a social justice warrior according to his bio: “… he focused his studies on the enlightenment thinkers and changing ideas of equality, political independence, and personal freedom. Over the years Josh’s interests evolved into how existing economic, political and social structures affect the human condition, specifically in the world’s poorest regions.” It must be difficult working for such an ex-son-in-law.

The Batey Foundation was founded in 2009. See its Facebook page here. For the Batey Foundation’s IRS information, go here. Interesting. And, as far as we can tell, nothing seems to be unusual at the Foundation apart from having its offices tucked away in another small New England school.

  1. Health e Children International, Inc., 11 Orchard Lane, Ridgefield, CT

Of the charities we examined, Health e Children wins the blue ribbon for odd bedfellows and eerie coincidences. In some ways, it’s a ghost story, because the charity died an ignominious death.

Just last year, it still had a Facebook page, but this link has expired:

Here are two screen shots we obtained while the page was still up:

From 2011:

From 2012:

As shown, the Health e Children FB photo album contained pictures of Ugandan and Haitian people and scenes. The foundation was started on Dec. 21, 2005 by a once-married couple, both of them children’s healthcare professionals (Jens Haerter, physician’s assistant, and Patricia Jorquera, Board-certified pediatrician) in a modest-looking house in Ridgefield, CT. At the same address, the couple operated an entity known as Healtheclinic, Inc., a pediatric practice established to assist the “under-served.”

You can read about both foundations by clicking this link. Information about an Ecuadoran offshoot can be found at this link. 

Both tax-exempt foundations were abject failures according to this link. Health e Children, Inc. doesn’t even appear among listings of Ridgefield’s nonprofits. 

And there is zero income reported for Healtheclinic Incorporated. See the following URLs:

The strange case of the Burberry counterfeit lawsuit. Health e Children seems to have languished rather suddenly after being named as one of hundreds of defendants in a major lawsuit by Burberry Limited, the famous UK garment company. The charity’s website URL was replaced by this link. It led to this page, a notice of the lawsuit:

The complaint alleges that the defendants were caught selling counterfeit Burberry merchandise. See this link.

“Huh?” we asked. Must be some kind of mistake. But we checked the list of defendants at this link.

And, sure enough, there it was among hundreds of Chinese surnames and businesses with the word “cheap” in their names: Health e Children, number 632 on page 41.

Some context: Burberry apparently went on the warpath against counterfeiters as a 12/05/2012 Huffington Post article attests. (Note that date – the Sandy Hook event took place 9 days later. Just a coincidence, but interesting.)

You can find the Huff piece at this link.

From the article: “What lesson did we learn this week, class? Don’t rip off Burberry. Burberry was awarded $100 million in damages this week as Manhattan Federal court laid down the law on an extensive counterfeiting network.”

(The Huff piece attests that the Chinese were heavily involved in this case. In Feb. 2016, Burberry was in court again, this time to sue J.C. Penney Co., Inc. for copying its iconic check pattern.)

So, why was Health e Children named as a defendant in a counterfeit fabric suit? And why is that of interest to SH researchers? Once again, there is a befuddling and totally unexpected Hochsprung connection.

Janet (Walzer) Hochsprung ran a quilt shop out of 5 Front Street in Bethel, CT, as well as renting the apartments on the other side of the building (1,3 Elizabeth Street, Bethel, CT and, catty-corner, 101 Elizabeth Street, Bethel, CT) from January 2002 until at least 2008. (This info comes from the Bethel Tax Assessor’s record and BBB records, corroborated by other sources.)

The shop had multiple names over its duration (which went beyond 2008), including:

  • Homestead Viking
  • JH Homestead Quilts
  • JH Homestead Quilting
  • Homestead Quilts
  • HomeStead Quilts

The Bethel tax assessor’s office confirmed that there had been two owners of the Bethel, CT shop, although they never clarified whether these owners were partners or whether Janet (Walzer) Hochsprung sold the shop to the other owner, whose name is Vivian Hultgren. We also later found much evidence that Vivian Hultgren ran the shop beyond 2010.

Church ladies were recruited to sew frocks for poor Haitian children. We found evidence that the Bethel quilt shop advertised regularly for women to join a sewing circle that benefited Haitian children. In 2011, for instance, according to her FB page (, Vivian Hultgren recruited women (church ladies) to sew frocks for a charity. You can guess which one it was: Health e Children International.

Were the frocks made from counterfeit Burberry fabric and sold, rather than being donated to poor children? It’s just one of our questions.

Other questions were answered by one of the church ladies, whose name we are keeping anonymous for obvious reasons. She told us that two marathon sewing sessions took place at her church to benefit children in Haiti. The seamstresses made “children’s dresses and shorts.” The sewing sessions were coordinated with “a local group of doctors” (she couldn’t remember their names) who, she says, “took the clothes directly to Haiti” to benefit the children.

“They didn’t ship the clothes,” she said. “They actually took them directly to Haiti.”

On December 31, 2013 (a year after the Burberry lawsuit), the Homestead Quilts shop in Bethel, CT closed suddenly with only six days notice. And, on January 1, 2014, a website for a quilt shop with an identical name popped up in LaPine, Oregon – just 30 miles from Bend, Oregon, where this article’s inauspicious first paragraphs begin.

In February 2015, Vivian Hultgren was alleged to have died under circumstances that remain suspicious. We have no idea where the fabric bolts went, or the frocks, or the Burberry labels.

An Americares connection. From this link we learned the following:

 “AmeriCares of Stamford has signed on to help HealtheClinic by donating medicine for the clinic.”

Looking into AmeriCares, we confirmed its long, global reach.

From the website above we found: “Primary Care: a) Expand access to primary health services for low-income communities at AmeriCares Free Clinics serving the uninsured in Connecticut, at our comprehensive family clinic in rural El Salvador, and through mobile medical units in the slums of Mumbai, India.”

It seems that AmeriCares is very involved in serving the poor in Connecticut: “AmeriCares Free Clinics provide primary health care to the uninsured in Connecticut. Three clinics in Bridgeport, Norwalk and Danbury offer medical services to thousands of residents every year, thanks to the work of dedicated and committed volunteer doctors, nurses, interpreters and administrative personnel.”

See also:

But there is an undeniable dark side to AmeriCares. It has been connected with CIA activities, including child trafficking.

And it is linked to the Clinton Foundation. More at this link.

The road to Haiti is paved with Clinton connections.*** We mustn’t forget that the Clintons were instrumental in getting kidnapper Laura Silsby released after she was found guilty of illegally taking Haitian children away from their families. See this article.

From the article: “Of the Americans only Silsby was prosecuted, convicted, and released with “time served” although the prosecutor had recommended a six month sentence. Silsby was originally charged with kidnapping and criminal association, reduced to one count of arranging illegal travel.”

See also this article from

Shortly afterwards, human trafficking researcher Monica Peterson died in Haiti under suspicious circumstances.

See: trafficking/

From the linked article: “Monica Petersen was in Haiti working for the Human Trafficking Center and also previously worked for the Colorado Human Trafficking Council’s Data & Research Task Force. She died a few days ago under suspicious circumstances. Her friends on Facebook are looking for answers. Several close friends have made mentions on various FB posts that friends and family have no clear understanding of what happened to Monica except that she died on Sunday.”

 Other commentary from Petersen’s community can be found on FB here.

Blind faith, hope and charity. The charitable impulse is one of humanity’s most prized. In addition to being a virtue much extolled in the Bible, it is the universal voluntary and spontaneous expression of human compassion. Without it, we doubt very much that the human species would have made it this far. While we are not suggesting that charity had a twisted underside in all of the cases examined in this post, we are asking readers to take the closer look that such matters deserve.

And while we are in an asking mode, please also consider that humans under the influence of their best impulses – compassion, empathy, charity, etc. – are often least equipped to ask the right questions. That is why incidents such as Sandy Hook are quicksand for clear cognition. Most people simply cannot offer even a narrow seat to the critic within when the heart is occupying most of the floor space. The curious thing is that, in the case of Sandy Hook, this blind faith has been going on for years. “This is who we are.” But is it? We hope this post will, in a small and compassionate way, help to heal the blind.




*Note how the words “resilience” and “resiliency” are gaining in popularity. To learn more about so-called “resilient cities,” go here for an interview of Deborah Tavares (of who knows the score on this subject:

Her point is that as long as the public perceives our country as being in a “state of national emergency,” people will accept infringements on our Constitutional rights and will succumb to the effects of psychological, nutritional, biological, climate and chemical poisoning. The point is to keep people in a constant state of psychological emergency and biological stress, so they are easier to control. Although Tavares talks mostly about biological, technological, climate and chemical controls, we are positing here that the psychological controls via false flags and hoaxes are all part of the same plan.

**On Dec. 16, 2012, Peter Lanza was called to testify in the “Libor Scandal,” in which banks were said to lie about interest rates to beef up their credit-worthiness:

“The Libor scandal was an event that saw banks lie about interest rate information to make themselves look more creditworthy. The Libor is a calculated average interest rate and used to give an average of the health of the overall economy. Obviously, dishonesty by the banks would affect the Libor rate and the corresponding financial view of citizens. Companies colluded to affect the Libor rate in the hopes that it would result in more business. Student loans and mortgages are just two of the financial products that would have been affected by the manipulation of the Libor rate.”

*** One could say that the road to Sandy Hook was paved with Clinton and Democrat connections as well. For instance, most FOTM readers know that SH parent Francine Wheeler was the personal assistant to Democratic fundraiser Maureen White (see And Eric Holder was in Connecticut just before 12-14-12 (Nov. 27, 2012), meeting with Gov. Dannel Malloy to launch Project Longevity, purportedly formed to reduce gun violence in Connecticut’s cities. (See:



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