A Parable of Our Time

The Serpent, the mouse and the Tea Party

August 10, 2011 by Doug Parris

And in the twentieth century of His Advent a beast crawled into the inner cities of the New World spreading the seeds of hatred for white people and rich people and Jews and all authority.
And some of the children were fed this seed and it grew and multiplied and became a serpent. And his name was called Huey and Jesse and Malcom and Barry and Eldridge and he prowled in the night seeking whom he might rape.
And he grew large in strongholds of the Inner City and organized and practiced. And he hated the rich and the white and the Jews and he reached out to seize power.
And there were, in the same country, Rich and white and Jewish men of evil who could not sleep for their wealth and their guilt, but they stared in the darkness in the night grinding their teeth.  And Satan appeared unto these men in the Darkness in the likeness of a Witch Doctor and told them “If you will feed my Serpent as a sacrifice for your guilt I will give you peace and you will be able to sleep.” And great rich, white and Jewish men fed the serpent and had peace for a time and times. And they worshiped the Witch Doctor who fed the serpent and gave them wealth and peace at times when they had peace.
And the serpent became great and filled the Inner City and devoured the hope and future of the men of the inner city and they left their women and sought out pleasure with harlots and enchantments of drugs and they robbed and killed and raped and filled the prisons of the white and rich and Jewish men. And they were nourished on hate for a time by the serpent and by the Witch Doctor.
And the serpent grew into the likeness of a tall and majestic man of eloquence and he was given power by the people of the Inner City and by the rich at the hand of the Witch Doctor.  And the serpent filled his State and moved in the place of its people to the High House of the Senators of the Great and ancient City of the proud and the strong and the brave and he was called Soro-Sama-Bara-Kabba the Great..
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