A Nugget from the Wayback Machine

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Someone recently found this on the archive.org website’s Wayback Machine archive.  It was published in a Kenyan newspaper in 2004 about native son, Obama’s run for the U.S. Senate.

H/T  Charlotte Iserbyt

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0 responses to “A Nugget from the Wayback Machine

  1. Nothing like a supportive press…

  2. Nothing like uncovering, nugget by nugget, the gold that would ruin this SOB if only the media was doing their job!

  3. And how did Ryan’s divorce record become unsealed? Chicago politics…

  4. Romney has to put this clown in jail after January 2013. The leftist fools/tools have to be taught an object lesson. Lock ’em all up!

    • The list will include most of the current politicians and a lot of bankers..Lock em up in one of the Fema camps they planned on putting us into.

    • And John Bonehead, Micky Can’t-do, and Mitch McDummass should be arrested right along with him.


  5. I would ask just where the Hell are the repubs?, but I’m guessing most of you are as tired of reading that as I am of typing it.

    Mark Levine is right – we are now living in post-Constitutional America.

    God help us, because the worthless repubs sure as Hell aren’t going to.


  6. I swear that I read that same thing on Wikipedia way back then too. My son had mentioned something about him when he was living in Chicago land and I looked him up.. Dang I sure wish I had made a copy of it.. of course it has been changed and taken down..


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