A New Meaning for Civility

Video from a Massachusetts “We Are One” Rally on April 4. A speaker states, “And to the Republican party of Massachusetts, if you think this is gonna happen here, it’s going to be over thousands of people’s dead bodies. If you think Wisconsin was anything, we need to stop these guys in their tracks now and kill their bills at the State House.”
A death threat made to Wisconsin Republicans. And now a threat of “thousands of people’s dead bodies”. So much for the call for civility.

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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago

Eh. That’s just the Left being their usual charming homicidal selves. Here are some past examples of the charming tolerant bleeding-heart Left’s death threats:
Liberals Wish Death for Sarah Palin, Jan. 15, 2011
Death Threats by Leading Libs and Democrats, Jan. 12, 2011
Birthers Receive Death Threats, Jan. 11, 2011
and the best, most definitive peek into the Left’s snakepit minds: Shocking Global Warming 10-10 Video, October 1, 2010: [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAz7jyG0qfw]

Tom in NC
Tom in NC
9 years ago

These bozo’s talk a good fight, but if it came down to it they would be filling their Depends to the point of overflow.