A new kind NAZI is on the rise

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UK Islamist: ‘I Want To See Every Single Woman In This Country Covered From Head To Toe’

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muslim_murderersThis video is on the Youtube channel for The Washington Free Beacon. It is absolutely chilling. The new fascism on the rise in western Europe and America is radical islam. And if our leaders can’t find the courage to even name this enemy, then we cannot prevail against it.
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0 responses to “A new kind NAZI is on the rise

  1. It ain’t called Islamofascism for nothing…

  2. Great post! Those in power who adhere to “political correctness” have brought among us a lethal ideology. I only hope that some of the PC crowd get to suffer the ramifications of their actions.

  3. islam showed up and castrated the UK

  4. These flakes can WANT whatever they want,but WE will NEVER comply. What makes this jackass think HE has a right to have US bend to HIS will?

  5. Even non-Muslim women in heavily-Muslim parts of the UK are dressing in like Muslim women, simply to avoid the harassment which they otherwise have to endure… of course the government does not do anything about the situation….BTW, reportedly now the UK is at the top of the violent crime list for Europe……

  6. Sub human filth! definitely Satan’s children……screw this BS that islam is a religion of peace

  7. What is the beef that Muslim men maintain with women not being clothed
    from head to foot? Where does it state it in their Koran? Personally, I
    believe that many Muslim men are quite ill equipped to speak about their
    own CULT. They just mouth off to be noticed that they are a good little
    Muslim. When Jesus returns, and he will, he will eliminate all of the mumbo-
    jumbo created by this CULT of non-peace. Christianity is a religion of
    peace, and it is quite obvious how much it differs from the Islamic CULT.
    When was the last time someone was beheaded in Christian countries?


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