A Moving Scene From a TEA Party

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Tears trickled down my face as I watched this very moving video taken at a TEA Party rally. Your reaction to this video is a sure sign of whether you’re a liberal socialist or a Patriot.

A big h/t to beloved Fellow DCG!

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0 responses to “A Moving Scene From a TEA Party

  1. this is what wer’e talking about!

  2. Tina,
    Some people know how to say what’s in the hearts and on the minds of true patriots and they say it better than any of those sycophant liberals that come on the blog to spew their unpatriotic stupidity.
    Patrick Henry said it best ‘…Give me liberty or give me death…’ No man in the history of our country ever equaled this man’s patriotism. When I think of the most despicable President we’ve ever had running this country I wonder what someone like Patrick henry would have said and done under these circumstances. The words and actions of our founders will never die or be forgotten.

  3. This man is great!
    The libs want to bash TEA partiers yet they are the ones who display their love for our great country. Compare that w/lib gatherings which typically involve flag burning, trashing of property, blocking traffic and creating general chaos…Seattle’s greatest example of that was the WTO in 99. Ah, the finest example of the “tolerant” libs…

  4. Absolutely! (Any left/libtard who doesn’t like this is a ninny.)


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