A message to Europe

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And yet, many are still asleep.

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  1. In Israel and elsewhere, Muslims say, “First, we get the Saturday people, next we get the Sunday people.” That is stated by Friday people.
    Despite years of media propaganda, the West Bank is Palestinian-occupied Israel. The 1948 borders were established and accepted by the United Nations, but the land was overtaken by Jordan during Israel’s war defending itself against surrounding Muslim nations. During Jordanian occupation, Jews were either killed or driven from part of their own nation, a small land area on a vast earth desired by haters of Jews and other non-Muslims.

    • Excuse me, marble, but I am confused. What do Trail Dust’s post and video — about the risks and dangers European countries are inviting on themselves by welcoming Muslim “refugees” and “migrants” — have to do with Israel, a country that is NOT opening its doors to the refugees? Why can’t the focus be on the European countries instead of Israel?

      • I greatly appreciate the work of Trail Dust , including “A message to Europe”. My comment was inspired by the video that showed hatred of Israel on the part of Palestinians, a hatred they have for all non-Muslims and being displayed today.
        Israel has opened its doors to the refugees, although they should not have, nor should Europe and North America. Israel has even given part of it land, a land developed from the desert after centuries of desolation, for the sake of peace. That land, Gaza, was then occupied by an enemy that used schools and hospitals as sites from which to launch rockets into Israeli civilian land. Land for peace, a lie, unless they get all the land and kill, evict, or subjugate the owners. How about peace for peace?
        The battle for a world caliphate has spread to Europe again, and I have great concern about it. I stand for western civilization, and I have often written on its behalf in the face of Islamic attack, and references to Israel are given as a warning to Europe, a continent in great need of warnings.
        The common Muslim cry, “First we get the Saturday people, then we get the Sunday people” has great relevance, although the Sunday people are, unfortunately, falling away. As I have often written, these troubles with the world began in the first half of the seventh century and are caused by chapters eight and nine of most translations of the Koran. Chapter eight is titled “The Spoils”, which says much.

        • And yet ISIS has not launched a single attack on Israel, nor has ISIS killed even one Israeli. Instead, ISIS is torturing and killing Christians (and other Muslims), but not a word of sympathy from Israel.

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    1948 border-line UN approved for Israel!

  3. I enjoy reading the posts from the people at FOTM. This I can not agree with at all. Israel is the problem. Israeli’s (for the most part) are not the Jews of the old testament. Come on guys, i know you know this stuff. Do you remember the USS Liberty. Do you see how Israel controls virtually every member of congress. Not even going to touch on Media, Financial etc etc.

    • george,
      Trail Dust, the author of this post, did not make Israel the focus. In fact, neither his post nor the video even makes mention of Israel. It is commenter marblenecltr who inserted Israel into this post’s thread. Please direct your objection to him, not to Trail Dust, and not to FOTM. This blog is not responsible for what a reader writes in his comment.

      • My apologies. that was not my intention.

      • DR. Eowyn, I am confused. You said the video does not make mention of Israel. Did we watch the same video ? The video I watched above told Europeans to wake up because ” Israel is Fighting their war. “

        • Thank you, Lana, for pointing that out. I owe george an apology.
          That being said, Israel is not the focus of the video, nor do I believe is Trail Dust’s message. The behaviors of Muslim men are the focus of the video, the purpose of which is to sound a warning to Europe about their reckless and imprudent open-borders welcoming policy toward the “refugees”.
          Israel is not a party to the current “refugee” crisis. So stop making this post into a pity-party for Israel.

    • Israelis (for the most part) are not the Jews of the Old Testament? We can get into a Sephardic/Ashkenazi debate, but why don’t you just tell the Palestinians that they should stop telling people to kill the Jews and then go about killing non-Jews?
      I remember the USS Liberty, a horrible deed directed by a horrible President, L. B. Johnson; Israel is not innocent in this attempt to ultimately seize control of mideast oil resources. That was an objective of Great Britain and the Netherlands as well.
      Unfortunately, Jews are most competent in financial and other matters, and they are blamed for all our problems. That skill in finances has been exploited by ambitious, power hungry non-Jews for achievement of their goals. Criticism of some Jews for some of our problems to some extent is justified and shared by myself. However, no group is without some share of responsibiliy for the difficulties of today.

      • “Israelis (for the most part) are not the Jews of the Old Testament?”
        We’ve discussed this several times before in comments on FOTM. There is substantial evidence for Ashkenazi (or European) Jews being descendants of Khazarians in the Balkans, who converted to Judaism. See U. of Tel Aviv professor Shlomo Sand’s book, The Invention of the Jewish People.
        I have the book, but this reader’s review of the book on Amazon.com gives a good summary:
        During the Hellenistic and Roman periods, aided by the Septuagint (the translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek), “hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions” of gentiles around the South-Eastern Mediterranean, from Rome to Armenia, converted to Judaism. A substantial proportion today’s Jews cannot be linked genetically to the Jewish Homeland at all. Roman writers expressed unease at the growing number of converts. Around 400 CE the king of Himyar, in Yemen, converted to Judaism and so did many of their Arabic subjects in his and the following reigns during the next century. Most of the strong Yemenite community of Jews would be descended from these converts. There was a strong Jewish presence among the Berbers of North Africa, who took such a part in the later Arabic conquest of Spain. Sand thinks that many of these Berber Jews were also converts, though his formulations here are more tentative than elsewhere, and to support this idea he produces few hard facts beyond a complaint by the Christian Tertullian (2nd c.) against proselytes in North Africa and one quotation from the Arab historian Ibn Khaldun (14th c.). The best known conversion is that of the Khazar kingdom (between the Volga and the Dnieper) in the 8th century CE. In his famous book Arthur Koestler called the Khazars `the Thirteenth Tribe’, and Sand espouses the notion that after the Khazar kingdom was destroyed in the 11th century, many of its people fled westwards to form a substantial proportion of the Jews in the Ukraine, in Poland and in Hungary.
        Sand shows the resistance of many Israeli historians to the idea that so many Jews might not be descendants of the Jews of Israel and Judah: they either deny it or ignore it in their researches and their text books.
        He also supports the notion, advanced in 1918 even by the young Zionists Ben-Gurion and Ben-Zvi, that the majority Muslim fellahin in Palestine were the descendants of Jewish peasants who had converted to Islam, perhaps to escape the jizyah (poll tax) which was levied on all non-Muslims after the Arab conquest. This idea was swiftly abandoned in the face of Arab nationalism, to be replaced by the notion that the Arab invaders had expelled the Jews (for which there is no evidence) and therefore had no right to the land which the Jews who had been forced into exile were now reclaiming.

        • Kevin J Lankford

          Yet we must remember the events of the second building of the temple at the return of the Jewish people from the babylonian captivity where Ezra demanded they abandon their unpure wives and children. After all, it is claimed in Revelations that the “elect” will only number 144 thousand.
          I think that as so called Gentiles that we should be quite gratified that we are saved only by having faith in the Gospel of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ when the Jewish people refused to acknowledge him as their King. Of course all with the foreknowledge of our God.

  4. Dr.Eowyn hello. I have been a regular visitor to your site & have found most of your content on point. But what a great shock hit me when I read your load on Ben Carson.
    Firstly, on the ISIS comparison, there is absolutely nothing wrong with identifying a trait of your enemy worth emulating especially a trait of such high importance as the readiness to die for one’s beliefs. The importance of this trait is high enough to warrant such a comparison. The comparison also has shock value designed to force the complacent republican ranks to imbibe a critical trait which the enemy already has in abundance.
    There is nothing narcissistic about his home either which stands as a testimony to God’s deliverance from poverty.

    • Hello, Iyke,
      Thank you for expressing your disagreement about Ben Carson. That is your prerogative, as it is mine to provide information to FOTM’s readers and convey my informed opinion, always citing my sources, with which you are all free to disagree. In the future, please be so kind as to post your comment to the relevant post, as your comment concerning Ben Carson has nothing to do with Trail Dust’s post on the Muslim threat to Europe.

  5. traildust-please see “actors union member” @ americannational militia- we are being played by some very evil people, probably not who you think it is.

  6. Trail Dust, nice job. If you wake up one person, it will be worth it.
    Another very compelling video is on JewsNews 11-11-15. Every person needs to view it. I have sent it out and received utter shock. I am not sure what these people are doing, but they seem to be living in a cocoon.


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