A Look into the Liberal Mind

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Via americanthinker.com:
February 29, 2012
A Guide to the Liberal Mind
By Victor Volsky
As a great fan of Jeff Foxworthy, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to use his hilarious you-might-be-a-redneck comedy routine in an attempt to characterize the liberal mindset (tweaking Jeff’s formula a bit to convert it from the suppositional to the unconditional). So, with apologies to the wonderful country comedian, here are some of the notable features of the liberal’s mental landscape:
– If you believe that freedom of expression is sacrosanct but would like nothing better than to deny it to anyone who doesn’t share your views, you are a liberal.
– If you believe that the 1st Amendment separates church from state, but not state from church, you are a liberal.
– If you believe that the 2nd Amendment was the founding fathers’ big mistake and that the 10th Amendment shouldn’t be taken seriously, you are a liberal.
– If you believe that endlessly discussing a problem amounts to actually solving it, you are a liberal.
– If you believe that the results of progressive programs are irrelevant and that only good intentions count, you are a liberal.
– If you believe that Mark Foley, who wrote salacious e-mails to a young but legally adult congressional page, was an evil libertine, while Gerry Studds, who had sex with an underage congressional page, was a knight in shining armor, you are a liberal intellectual.
– If you believe that Obama is an intellectual giant whose IQ is off the charts even though you have no idea what his IQ actually is, you are a liberal.
– If you believe that you and your ilk will be able to fool the American people indefinitely…well, you may have a point there.
You will find the rest here.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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0 responses to “A Look into the Liberal Mind

  1. lowtechgrannie

    I love the Peoples’ Cube! His work is first rate, and as a former citizen of the Soviet Union, he speaks from personal experience.

  2. I always wondered what the inside of their brains were like. But this is pretty much what I had suspected. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A video from Xtranormal about Socialism…

  4. Michael Johnson

    This blog claims to “love America”. How then can you mock so many Americans this way? Why not have the guts to be honest and admit you only love “conservative America” while you actually hate “liberal America”.

    • Tsk, tsk. You must be educated in govt schools as you’re woefully challenged in reading comprehension, unable to distinguish between “America” and “Americans.” FOTM is a blog by Conservatives who love America — the America in accordance with the founding principles of the Founding Fathers. We don’t hate, but we do intend to defeat those Americans like you who have warped that America and seek to destroy it.

    • I suggest you take a look around our blog. Also, get a sense of humor. We also like to laugh at ourselves and post jokes that do so.
      And yes, we do hate liberal America (both liberal ideas and RINOs that support them) and everything it stands for: redistribution of wealth, taxing us to death (even after death), trying to limit our Second Amendment rights, killing unborn babies, SEIU, Moveon.org and Media Matters, the liberal SRM, and those that would rather live off the government than get off their arse and get a job. America wasn’t founded on these principles. We want to be free from those that seek to control and crush us.

    • I hate EVERYTHING about liberalism and socialism. It’s evil. It wants to enslave. I hate slavery. Liberalism loves self in narcissism and lliberals want to replace God as if they are God and they love to play God. That’s why they think they can enslave us. Liberals have massively inflated egos. We’re free to mock liberalism. I think you should be less concerned about your own over-inflated ego — and more concerned about the God who made you. But, no, you just want to think you should be worshiped. That’s the problem, Michael.

    • lowtechgrannie

      We don’t hate “liberal America”. We just think they’re hyper-emotional, intellectually underdeveloped, mean-spirited, whiny amoral jerks.

  5. Oh. I thought it would be a pic of a trash can.

    • Well, I tend not to have a mocking tone when addressing someone personally. I usually just tell them what I think. See above. These liberals act like they should be loved and worshiped — and we should just let them enslave us — cuz their great big egos demand it. They needed spanked much more as children — and they’re about to find out that we the saints win wars. 🙂 Try to enslave us cuz your big fat ego needs worship and has no morals or sense of tolerance for our freedoms?? They’re like BORGS or something. They’re this vacuum of emptiness inside looking for someone to suck the life out of and enslave.

    • 12 Star Truth,
      LOL – Actually, I considered a pile of green fly orbited steaming feces for the illustration for this post, but I didn’t want to gross out our readers.

  6. Interesting that you color coded this one. Before clicking on it, I had a feeling that anything describing the mind of a liberal would have to be written in crayon!

  7. Love the broccoli stem….”original spinal cord was bred out of the species after WWII”…yep, neutered all of ’em. Too funny!


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