A look back at the Vietnam War

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Thank you Maui Jim for this post. The Vietnam War was a very bad time for us and our allies. In this book we see through the eyes of an Australian veteran looking back, and pondering its effects on his current life. ~ TD

I was only nineteen by John Schumann illustrated by Craig Smith @AllenAndUnwin

Allen and Unwin

The Vietnam war may be in the past but it can never be forgotten. It was, at the time a controversial war. Returning soldiers were not treated with the same respect as those of the World Wars.
This sophisticated picture book is Schumann’s song I was only nineteen, put into pictures for younger readers to help them learn about the tragedy of this particular war.
I love the scenes with the colours and tones that Craig Smith has used to take us right in to the jungle. We really are in the jungle with the soldiers. Careful use of sepia tones in some pages also bring in another dimension to the story.
There is much to offer in this book, much to pull apart and mull over. While I am not a huge fan of songs becoming childrens’ books (and there are plenty these days) I do think this one works very well.
There are some teacher notes available to help make the most of this book. I think upper primary all the way through to secondary school students could learn much from this book.
I could see classes broken in to groups – those in one group watch the trailer and listen to the music and another group reads the book on its own. I would encourage the students to think about their reactions, feelings and compare the group’s responses. Food for thought!


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  2. a war our troops were sent to fight and not win,by a few power hungry control driven evil men. Again,with the help of the media we were shown what they wanted us to see and told what they wanted us to hear. America’s Patriotism has been sorely taken advantage of.

  3. TD: Nothing like war to divide and conquer… every new generation has no idea the division of 500+ young American’s returning home in body bags every week… all it take is one “body bag” to change the life of many. In a few years Vietnam will be forgotten and its history will continually be rewritten to support the evil agenda of the elite. Life goes on! Thanks!!

    • I couldn’t agree more, Maui Jim.

      When the TV show, “China Beach,” began, I knew the redacting of the story had started. A friend told me he heard some high school guys lamenting that we didn’t have a good war happening anymore. (This was about 20 years before the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, and one year before the first Gulf War.)

      LBJ and Obama have this in common. They are both guilty of abusing the patriotism of our people in the military. And let’s not forget, the Democrats would like nothing more than to reinstitute the draft.

  4. Looks like a good book. Hopefully kids will read it before history IS re-written.

  5. Kevin Strawbridge

    Your enemy (ho chi min) notes in his diary that Americans have beaten him there is no hope. Your side (walter cronkite) broadcast it is a hopeless war America can’t win. Your enemy decides to continue fighting.

    You force the north veit-cong to sign a peace treaty at Paris,FR. They follow the treaty until mostly demoncrats in congress force the with drawl American Forces (small number of advisers remain).

    north veit-cong break the treaty resuming the war. demoncrats in congress block the redeplovment of troops and supplies.

    demoncrats tell the world you lost the war.

    Heavy blow to American moral. But we still won.

  6. Much thanks. This has been a long time coming.

  7. Interesting book. But don’t count on it ever seeing the light of day in a school classroom in America. It doesn’t fit the Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist, Communist agenda.

    According to them, America and her allies are bad. Soldiers are baby killers and rapists.

    God help us.

    Vietnam Veteran 1966-1975. In-country 1969-1970.


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