A Little Gratuitous Gloating

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I could binge watch this stuff!

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20 responses to “A Little Gratuitous Gloating

  1. I love watching all those pundits being proven wrong. And this NEVER GETS OLD:

  2. I’m gonna grab this so I can watch it on TV

  3. And two years later they’re still claiming he didn’t win. I’d like to believe that those arrogant morons feel stupid, but I know that they don’t.

    • Leeann Springer

      Stupid and arrogant morons, don’t have enough sense, to realize, that they’re stupid and arrogant. Leeann

  4. THE ONLY President I ever heard say that he loves this country

  5. Leeann Springer

    I felt strongly, that Donald Trump would be elected our president. President Trump is a “winner” and they are “losers”. Many God honoring people were praying for President Trump to win. I also believe that God qualified the president to “extend the time for America”. President Trump knew where this country was headed (into Hell). He does love America and is keeping his campaign promises. What those losers don’t realize, because they are God-less minions, is that Trump was, and is, the answer to many prayers. It is my prayer that he serves a second term. America stagnated and was miserable under the Manchurian Candidate Obama. He brought evil upon this country and degraded everything that was good. Our country was literally trashed for 8 years under Barry and Michael. I also feel that President Trump had a spiritual awakening and felt lead by God to intervene by running for office. The president, in essence, through the Grace of God, extended the time for America. God Bless America and God Bless our president. Leeann

  6. It never gets old seeing the limousine liberals & millionaire/billionaire Bolsheviks be exposed as frauds, hypocrites, liars, and haters of America.

  7. Denial of reality is a key attribute of severe mental illness. By that criterion, Democrats are insane.

    Two years after the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton and her fellow Demonrats still deny the FACT that Donald John Trump had been lawfully elected POTUS, with ZERO evidence of “Russian collusion”.

    • @DR Eowyn, IMO Environmentalism is the best example of how mentally ill liberal/communist “Doublethink”. They claim to be “for” the Environment (and wildlife, open spaces, etc etc) yet are for the #1 factor for environmental degradation, wildlife decline, loss of open spaces, increased pollution, GHG’s etc) human population growth which is driven by immigration invasion which they are for. You can’t be an environmentalists & an open borders advocate, unless you are a mentally ill liberal with Orwellian liberal “Doublethink”

      Liberals’ Ownership of Cognitive Dissonance

      • The link is very true and well written. We often call them “hypocrites”, when in fact, their hypocrisy stems from their twisted thinking and morals.

        As the author says (in a different way), they have such low regard for human worth that forming the proper perspective on life is impossible for them. They don’t believe in God so they don’t believe that God created man in His image.

        They don’t believe that they have a higher purpose. They spend their lives trying to please themselves and deprive others.

        So, as we say so often, and as Ayn Rand noticed, they’re insane. So, pray tell, how are we to ever “reason” with them? You would have better luck training a monkey. Liberals don’t even know what bathroom to use.

  8. Everybody should read Hawkmoon’s posted link.
    If only we could get libatards to read it.

    When you are dead, you don’t know you are dead.
    Only those you have been around are affected.
    Being dead is a lot like being stupid.
    You don’t know you’re stupid.
    It only affects the people aroud you.

  9. But, the greatest moment of all…..

  10. Who best than Ann Coulter to put a lid on it! Atta girl!

  11. Plus (warning: bad language by Dems on Young Turks):

  12. CogitoErgoSumantra

    That video really does answer the question on liberal insanity… there’s just no doubt that those folks were and still are delusional.
    That was the mic drop, Obama. Your clue to exit stage left…

    “Pollsters predicted that Hillary was not going to have just a victory, but that she was gonna win an electoral LANDSLIDE.” (@8:10)
    Yeah, not so much, Jake Tapper. He knew it then. Wolf did, too.

    At the swearing-in ceremony, Pelosi, Durbin, Warren & Murray (both in pink scarves), standing RIGHT behind DJT, didn’t look all that upset. I don’t even remember seeing them there when it happened… (@9:40)

    • Well, I think they may not have received their master’s orders at that point. They are like trained monkeys. The agent Soros rings them up and says “howl”, they howl.

      Basically they are whores. Where else can a shameless, old, liar get the pay and perks Pelosi gets for example when she’s past her prime. Without her owners she’d be sleeping in a mud hut behind the Bunny Ranch.

      Look at Slapsy (affirmative action) Waters. Lawd, lawd……, did she hitch a ride on the gravel train or what? And look at the their new talent “Spartacus” (Weishaupt?), Booker. He’s thinking of running for President. He should be running through town with a tar bucket chasing him.

      All I can say is what I always say, they don’t work for us.

      • @Lophatt, I believe moron Corey Booker, who asked Mike Pompeo during his Secretary Of State nomination interview how he felt about “Gay sex” which shows whats important and level of intelligence of these Bolshevik puppets, was really referencing Spartacus “Weishupt”. Poor NJ, has nutter Booker, and pedo Menendez as its Senators, who may lose his election in a overlooked senate race.


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