A little confused…

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Watch this dog attempting to play fetch with a statue. He may be a little confused yet he’s just trying to have fun!

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0 responses to “A little confused…

  1. that’s funny,the guy on the bench kindof reminds me of our Congressmen.

  2. Thomas Morato

    I used to have a border collie, named Sparky. They say that they have neurosis like behavior, and I believe it.
    He would bring you something to throw, set it on your lap and do exactly what this dog does in the video to get your attention. Once you decided to play with him, he would never get tired of (fetching balls, Frisbee, sticks, anything) even after going for hours.
    We also had two cats that he would “herd” in the living room, keep them in the center of the room and not let them leave. Very, very funny dog.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    Thanks! That made my day!

  4. Dogs are a gift from God.
    LOL – Cats well, not so much. :-^)


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