A Little Brain Game.

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points awarded for lack of coffee.  🙂

Why is our little fox so puzzled? Can you find all of his friends in this beautiful puzzle by Currier & Ives:

OH click pic for a better view!!!!

Fox in forest

I found this here.


It’s a FaceBook Page and you can either play there 😥  or here. 😆


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0 responses to “A Little Brain Game.

  1. OK let’s get this started. I see a wild boar charging out between the trees.

  2. I see the profile of a woman to the left of the wild boar!

    • Eowyn, on the bottom of the tree?
      I see a lamb laying down coming out of tree all the way on left

      • Yes, the woman profile is at the bottom of the tree right next to the boar (on the left, from our perspective; on the right, from the boar’s perspective).

        • Eowyn, got them, but wait I just cheated and I still need help..LOL
          I went back to the illusion page and there are people commenting/guessing there. This is what they have.
          I saw a horse, but I’ve lost him !
          There are at least 10 heads or faces on the tree trunks, along with several animals.
          I spot 6 peoples’ heads (all on trees), a horse (near the center), the head of a warthog (under the horse), a snake
          a pig,
          I spotted a horse, another 2 foes, a Koala, a parrot
          plus a girl.
          I’m looking for a damn horse..LOL

          • The horse is standing above the hog and facing to the right. Look at the base of the tree to the left of the hog. See the profile face in the tree looking at the hog? The horse’s right rear hoof is formed just above the nose of the face looking right, toward the hog. The horse’s rear leg is formed along the trunk of that tree.

          • Also, the horse’s face is looking right at the fox and vice versa.

    • And a man smoking a pipe opposite the woman.
      Three profile faces on the other tree the fox is leaning on.

  3. Another side profile 1/2 inch up from lambs head looking to the left

  4. my daughter claims she sees an owl… i don’t! lol and she is sitting here laughing at me…. saying I need new glasses! LOL

    • surfer, I think she is messing with ya..LOL
      Maybe there is. The other comments mention a pig and a snake.. Hey might as well be an owl. Off I go looking for an owl. Word of advice, don’t trust kids they’re here to make us nuts.. 😯

  5. i see treebeard getting ready to rock n roll i do see the boar but that isn’t wear mr. fox is looking he is looking upward and to the left of the boar

  6. Dave needs more coffee.
    And probably a litlle Kahlúa to go with it.
    K. Maybe a lot. 😉


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