A Libtard Palooza

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~Steve~                                       Big H/T   To NY Jean

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0 responses to “A Libtard Palooza

  1. We like to joke that liberalism is a mental disorder. But in showing the Left’s illogic, inconsistency, and double standards, these comics demonstrate that more than being a mental disorder, Leftism is a moral and spiritual disorder.

  2. Somebody needs to pull the football when Lucy attempts a kick . Maybe she’ll land on her head hard enough to knock some sense into her . Is that Lucy or Nancy ( you have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it ) Pelosi ?

  3. Ha ha! That’s why the king always had a court jester or fool… Humor can explain things and reach people better than plain facts and logic.

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    Nothing left for me to say.

  5. Pretty much sums them up…

  6. D)

  7. Precisely!

  8. Totally, absolutely PRICELESS – nailed the hypocrisy beautifully!


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