A Letter to RedState.com

Yesterday, I woke up ridiculously early, opened my laptop and wrote my first post of the day for this blog, “Impeach Obama for Gulf Oil Disaster.” Until yesterday, Fellowship of the Minds had not called for impeachment but merely reported on other people’s calls. That should tell you that the call to impeach is not made lightly. Unlike the White House’s offer of a bribe to Rep. Joe Sestak, Obama’s failure to act in the Gulf oil disaster kills.
In that post, I described the devastation that the oil spill is having on the wildlife of the Gulf coast. I also carefully laid out my reasoning, which is that:

  1. Obama lied when he justified his many many days of inaction by saying that federal law (which he did not name) prevented the federal government from helping in the containment and cleanup of  the BP oil spill because that is the responsibility solely of the owner-operator of the oil rig, British Petroleum.
  2. The truth is the exact opposite. Via an amendment to the Clean Water Act, specifically Section 311, the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) of 1990 gives the president of the United States complete responsibility for immediate action in cleaning up an oil spill. 
  3. Obama’s many days of inaction on the oil spill — an inaction that led to the continuation of the oil gush that in turn is killing wildlife and threatens to decimate the economy of the Gulf coast — therefore constitutes an egregious dereliction of duty because his inaction was in direct violation of two federal laws, the Clean Water Act and the Oil Pollution Act.

Soon after I published that post, at 8:02am (west coast), someone by the alias of mbecker908 posted this comment:

You people are so god damned stupid there aren’t three IQ points among the lot of you. Absolutely nothing about the Gulf response even comes within a mile of a high crime. To even be willing to waste your time thinking it does shows a total lack of reason.

mbecker then posted a second comment at 11:29am, in which s/he once again descended to gratuitous namecalling, referring to this blog’s co-founder Steve as a “jackass” and calling us “idiots” and “fools.”
I did not really respond to mbecker because yesterday was Sunday, our Lord’s day. But I will now, in full.
To begin with, if I were not told by Steve that mbecker is a “writer” at the presumably conservative RedState.com, I would have thought that mbecker is a liberal troll because that’s exactly how liberal trolls behave when they wander onto Fellowship of the Minds. A troll is someone who’s a driveby shooter on the Web — who comes onto a news site or blog, does not actually argue the substance of an issue but instead insults and offends with gratuitous namecalling. In mbecker‘s case, with tiresome repetitiveness, s/he called me, Steve, and the regular commenters on this blog the following:

We found a pic of mbecker, the RINO troll!

  • “damned stupid” 
  • with a collective IQ of no more than “three points”
  • “a total lack of reason”
  • “jackass”
  • “idiots”
  • “fools”

Aside from mbecker‘s evident lack of manners, his/her insults are also what philosophers/logicians call a material fallacy of the “irrevelant conclusion” variety. An “irrelevant conclusion” is any idea (in mbecker’s case, insults) that diverts attention away from a fact in dispute rather than address it directly. As such, “irrelevant conclusions” act as a ruse, a bait, a distraction from the real issue. Mbecker’s intent is to make us feel defensive about our intelligence, and so attention is diverted from the actual issue — the substance of my post, “Impeach Obama for Gulf Oil Disaster.”
Mbecker‘s colleague at RedState, who calls him/herself timetostop, also entered the fray. Although timetostop rightly apologized for mbecker’s atrocious behavior, timetostop also engaged in the material fallacy of irrelevant conclusions when s/he:

Equated the call to impeach Obama for his dereliction of duty in the Gulf oil disaster with those who question Obama’s birth eligibility and those who doubt the official account for the 9-11 Twin Tower tragedy, whom timetostop dirisively calls “birthers” and “truthers,” respectively.

When I responded to timetostop, s/he then justified the dismissal of “birthers” with the “irrevelant conclusion” that the many lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility have all failed. What timetostop neglects to point out is that every one of the lawsuits was dismissed — not on substance — but on the procedural ground that the plaintiff lacked “standing.” In law, “standing” refers to:

The legal right to initiate a lawsuit. To do so, a person must be sufficiently affected by the matter at hand, and there must be a case or controversy that can be resolved by legal action.

Although eligibility lawsuits have been brought by attorneys, retired and active military officers, “ordinary” Americans, and even a 2008 presidential candidate, Dr. Alan Keyes, the judge in every case dismissed the suit, claiming that the plaintiff lacked “standing.” It should be noted that no explanation was given for why each plaintiff lacked “standing”; nor has a judge ever proffered just who and what kind of person would have “standing” in an eligibility lawsuit.

To conclude:

I — and other Fellows of this blog — have no need to defend our intelligence or rational faculties to anyone, certainly not to someone as rude and insulting as mbecker. But if mbecker really wants a juvenile pissing contest, I scored at the 98th percentile on the Intelligence Quotient test. Your turn!
Jesus teaches us “You shall know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:16). We are who we are NOT by what we say we are, but by our action. By his/her actions, mbecker is a troll; both mbecker and timetostop engage in material fallacy of irrevelant conclusions in order to distract us from the real issue.
Assuming mbecker and timetostop are representative of what RedState is, I can only conclude that RedState.com is a mouthpiece of the Republican Party (thus, “Red State” — states that voted Republican), and not just of the Republican Party, but of RINOs. The GOP shuns the eligibility issue for a simple reason: John McCain and the Republican Party should have and could have raised this issue in the ’08 campaign, but they didn’t. They therefore bear as much responsibility as the Democrats for the election as President of the United States a man with dubious constitutional qualification.
Neither the GOP nor its shill, RedState.com, tells Fellowship of the Minds what to think, what to do, what is or is not “relevant” and “realistic.” We are CONSERVATIVES, not Republicans. We are not stupid, we have our own minds, we do our own thinking, and we will NEVER abandon what is true for political expediency. We will continue to write and publish on Obama’s eligibility, his concealment of many documents (passports, school/college transcripts, medical records….), his multiple social security (ss) numbers, his current Connecticut ss number, his dereliction of duty in the Gulf oil disaster, and anything else we damn well please.

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Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife

Well Eowyn, I believe that about covers it all!


No prob Steve. If we can b!tch slap some Dems we can find time to b!tch slap a few Rhinos as well. Trust me I been to Red State there not as grand or relevant as they like to convince themselves. Even if those two A-holes were not from RS.


Red State=Where RINOS go to die.


Excellent rebuttal.
Oh, and in case you haven’t gotten around to me today, Rahm Emanuel, Rosa DeLauro and her husband have a relationship with BP.
Interesting reading. Come on over.


If it is presumed that these two clowns are from Red State it would not surprise me. Red State has become somewhat of a joke as of late (like little Green Footballs) and just like LGF people will stop taking them seriously and linking to them as well.


Red State is like David Frum, Kathleen Parker and other so called conservatives or Republicans.
In. Name. Only


To break it down for mbecker & co, the “Chewbacca Defense” from South Park:


Eowyn does it again-with grace :] .


Guess that shut them up…no replies to your open letter – wussies!
RS is officially off my list of “conservative” web sites…