A lesson in gun safety…and parenting

Bad parents....

Girl’s gun goes off in Starbucks

Wyoming News:   A 17-year-old Cheyenne teen was cited Monday after she dropped her purse, causing the gun she was carrying in it to go off in a local coffee shop.  After the round fired, the girl said, “I think my purse went off!”
According to the Cheyenne Police report about the incident, the girl, whose name is being withheld because she is a juvenile, dropped her purse around 6:45 a.m. Monday while she was at the cash register at Starbucks, 1112 Central Ave.  Two Cheyenne Police officers were in the coffee shop at the time. Once they heard the gunshot, they drew their pistols and scanned the shop.
The officers approached the teen and searched her purse, which had a large hole in it.  They found a double-barrel .38 special Derringer pistol in the girl’s purse. The top barrel had been fired.  According to the report, the bullet missed John Basile, 43, by about 12 inches. After nearly missing Basile’s head, the bullet hit the west wall of the store, bounced back to the east and rolled under the coffee counter.
The officers had the teen call her parents, who responded to Starbucks shortly after the incident.  The girl’s father said he had given the teen the pistol and encouraged her to carry it while traveling for her protection.  The girl said she keeps the gun in her room and had it with her because she was going to visit friends in Laramie.
She said she has never taken a hunter safety class or any kind of formal firearms training.  The teen’s mother told police that she doesn’t particularly like firearms because they “may just go off.” She said she knew her daughter had a pistol and encouraged her to point it at a “bad person” if she was ever in trouble.  The gun was returned to the teen’s parents.
The girl was issued a city summons for possession of a firearm by a juvenile, which carries a $750 bond and a “must appear in court” stipulation.  City ordinance stipulates that individuals must be 18 years old to carry any type of firearm within city limits.  Wyoming state statutes state that a person must be 21 years old to carry a concealed weapon.  According to federal law, individuals must be 21 years old to buy a pistol and 18 to buy a rifle or shotgun.
Several things oh so wrong with this:

  1. What kind of parent lets their teenager carry a gun without proper firearm training?  Are they out of their minds?
  2. She isn’t 18 so obviously didn’t have a concealed weapons permit, not cool.
  3. Why wasn’t she carrying this gun in a holster?  I know some women do carry in their purse yet a holster is much safer for preventing an accidental discharge.

In this case, I think the parents should be fined as well, at least for being major idiots (I know, that doesn’t exist).  Do they realize how lucky they are that the gun didn’t fire back up in their daughter’s face?  Or kill someone else?  Or kill one of those police officers?  It’s idiots like this that give responsible gun owners a bad name, and gives those proggies against the Second Amendment more “ammunition”.

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Patriott Angel
8 years ago

My heavens…NOT COOL. My daughter needs more formal training and she is 33. I was quite impressed though. A friend of hers took her to an indoor range and she shot several different guns one being a 357 and a 9 mm and all her shots were heart , head and groin. It even scared HER. She said she felt one with it but admits she wants to learn ALL she needs to know first! I say…Good going smart girl. Some parents shouldn’t even reproduce. As has been said on here before…they walk among us!

8 years ago

What Grouchy said..and.thank you to all FOTM. I know my limitations so I just kibutz here, but the teachable/learning moments are appreciated. That said…never underestimate the trouble a child (and I humbly submit that I’m currently enjoying my second childhood)can get into be it with firearms, vehicles or sharp objects 🙂 Be careful…treat them like the vipers that they are,ready and waiting to bite the unwary. With three boys in a household full of temptations…and proper training (check out Massad Ayoob’s courses)… there is still the unexpected,which is why they’re called accidents,but Patriot Angel is sooo right…secure that thing in… Read more »

8 years ago

Letting kids shoot w/ parents is one thing, but letting them run around packing like this because they want to is something else.

8 years ago

I don’t guess that type of pistol has a safety…

Science Fair Topic Ideas

Hey Dcg,
Thanks for your thoughts, Should I carry a firearm for safety reasons? I mean get the license and go to the classes and then carry it of course. Certainly you can’t shoot to kill anyone if you’re being assaulted? What are the rules here and is it worth the money and the lessons?
I look forward to your next post

7 years ago

Would you guys mind helping me pick out a gun safe? https://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/a-lesson-in-gun-safety-and-parenting/
It’s my first one, and I don’t know where to start.