A Killing Spree In Taunton Massachusetts

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…and an unfinished story

We in the Boston area are being told that this is a ordinary “crazy guy” story. But something is nagging at me about it. Can you guess what I’m thinking?

Note The Suspect's Physical Appearance?

Note The Suspect’s Physical Appearance?

The Conservative Treehouse

Coincidence? – ISIS Broadcasts New Execution Style – Last Night Three Dead In Boston Stabbing Rampage…

Posted on May 11, 2016 by sundance
Not sure if any of this is connected, but it certainly is quite a coincidence. We note three stories on three consecutive days:
♦ Sunday, May 8th – “Sickening new pictures have emerged of a new form of ISIS execution – stabbing prisoners directly in the heart to kill them for their ‘crimes against the caliphate’”. (link)
♦ Monday, May 9th – GRAFING, Germany — A German man yelled “infidel, you must die” and “Allahu akbar” as he stabbed one person to death and wounded three others at a Bavarian train station Tuesday, but authorities said they’ve found no links to any Islamic extremist network. (link)
♦ Tuesday, May 10th – (last night) BOSTON – TAUNTON (CBS) – An off-duty officer shot and killed a man who allegedly stabbed two people to death during a rampage at two locations in Taunton Tuesday night.
Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/05/11/coincidence-isis-broadcasts-new-execution-style-last-night-three-dead-in-boston-stabbing-rampage/

Now 3 weeks later, this story comes back on the news with more video footage.

News media are circling the wagons and putting out the story that this guy was simply off his meds. I don’t believe it.
What do you think?

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0 responses to “A Killing Spree In Taunton Massachusetts

  1. It is overwhelmingly evident that this joker was a Muslim bent on Jihad against unbelievers. The American media is indeed circling the wagons and putting out false stories–all in the effort to keep American citizens from protesting the bringing into our country people who would destroy us, and our way of life. Just look at that guy’s picture, note the smug smile . . . I would like to have two able bodies, Seal trained, men take him on. He would be allowed the same degree of protection that his two victims had. I doubt that he would come out of that encounter alive. This is a story that needs to be told far and wide . . . the American people need to be aware of just what Muslims plan to do to the rest of us.
    Excellent article TD.

  2. A Facebook “Remembrance Page” was created within 24 hours of this event for the “terrorist” Arthur DeRosa. Very fishy, you’d think that, in the real world, the family and friends would be being grilled by the FBI and cops.

  3. I simply don’t believe anything the SRM says. Not. One. Thing.

  4. Well,the German Cops said it,not me. This wasn’t the work of an Islamic Extremist-it was just a REGULAR Islamic.

  5. traildustfotm

    Wow! The video of the rampage won’t play!

  6. Coming as well to small towns everywhere in America. There’s a piece missing from this otherwise complete puzzle, which is why local and state LE are disgracefully obeying unlawful orders to stand down in the face of criminal immigrant mobs breaking the law by denying citizens their right to freedom from bodily harm, lawful assembly, and free speech. We know just from Fast and Furious alone that the federal government is arming immigrant gangs with serious firepower–imagine what we don’t know about–while at the same time moving toward totally disarming our law-abiding citizenry. Jonas Alexis calls the neocons “neoBolsheviks,” and astutely so since, as they did in Russia a century ago, they will bring in foreigners and organize and arm them to do the wet work native LE and military won’t.

  7. Ross Blankert

    Whatever the truth is, don’t expect it to be reported on CNN, NBC , MSNBC, CBS, or any other main stream network.

  8. Why do so many of these Muslim men with their beards (I have had a beard for most of my life, since 2001 a goatee) look like they have their heads on upside down?
    Islam is a monstrosity. And so is the paid denial of the mainstream media! (And their brains are upside down!)

    • “Why do so many of these Muslim men with their beards…look like they have their heads on upside down?”
      HA HA HA! Good observation!
      Answer: Because of loss of hair on top of their heads?


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