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Leonardo DiCaprio starts New Year celebrations early on a luxury  yacht

Daily News: Jonah Hill may only have made a cameo  appearance in Django Unchained, but it was long enough for him to make an  impression on co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. The unlikely pair was spotted hitching a  ride on a luxury yacht together on Friday afternoon in Sydney.
The carrier seemed to have ‘The Darling’  printed  on it, which could be the name of the hotel Leo and Jonah were staying  at, so may well have been filled up with a few complimentary toiletries to take on the yacht, just in case there’s a moisturising emergency. The hotel, conveniently offers luxury  hotel rooms and stunning views from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so it’s  the perfect location for a quick boating trip.
As the ship embarked on its  scenic route which offered sights like the world famous Sydney Opera House, was spotted chatting to a gaggle of girls.
Whether they had  arrived  with or separately from the actors isn’t known, but they no  doubt enjoyed the rest of the boat trip in close proximity.
However as the Wolf  On Wolf  Street star is rumoured to be dating former Neighbour’s actress  Margot Robbie –  they met on the New York set of the aforementioned movie – maybe the female  company was more for Jonah’s benefit.
Their presence in Sydney is  reported to be part of a New Year’s party to rival any other. A slew of celebrities –  including Jamie Foxx, Chace Crawford and DJ Samantha Ronson – flew into Sydney  with Leo on Friday, to welcome in 2013 in Sydney before heading back to the U.S,  more specifically, Las Vegas for round two of New year antics.
hypocrite2According to The Charity Info Blog, DiCaprio is a committed environmentalist. In fact, because of his involvement in charity and activism, he has received praise from environmental groups and respect from local communities.
The actor founded an organization after his own namesake. The  Leonardo DiCaprio Organization fosters awareness of environmental issues through partnerships with other organizations with the same goal, such as Natural Resources Defense Council, Global Green USA, the International Fund For Animal Welfare, and National Geographic Kids.
DiCaprio also brings awareness on issues regarding global warming, and promotes the use of alternative and renewable energy resources.
Ah, let’s see.  One roundtrip flight to Sydney from Los Angeles – 4.18 metric tons of CO2. Add some more in for stopovers in Vegas. But I’m sure the yacht is one that is eco-friendly, well maybe not.
But maybe the luxury hotel he’s staying at, The Darling, is eco-friendly too.
“Welcome to The Darling. 171 rooms and views from the Sydney Harbour to the Blue Mountains, Sydney’s most lovingly detailed hotel is now open at The Star. Our rooms feature floor-to-ceiling glass and windows that open to showcase what are possibly the best views in Sydney. The Darling BedOnce – you’ve slept on a Darling bed, you’ll be reluctant to leave it. Every one features a customised 1000 spring mattress, 400 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton bed linen and a goose down comforter. A menu of 12 luxury pillows is offered for your comfort. Every bathroom comes with a relaxing rain showerhead and a European wand. Four Integrated SystemComplete control is at your fingertips. One touch of a button and you can do anything – from lower your blinds to adjust the air temperature.”
Committed to luxury, indeed. Well, hope he’s having a good time! Typical liberal, do as I say, not as I do.

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7 years ago

Would you expect any less from the MORONS of HOLLYWEIRD? They just want people to think that they are important, just like crooked politicians, if it weren’t for the American People neither of the worthless bums would have a job, we pay them and they WORK FOR US, or they are supposed to anyway! They sure do a lot of bragging on OUR MONEY! Worthless slime! Semper Fi.

7 years ago

Hollyweird, it’s more important for ’em to feel good than to actually do good… same for most other liberals, too.

7 years ago

DiCaprio has gored Al Gore!