A heart-warming Christmas ad

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Upscale UK department store chain John Lewis released their 2014 Christmas ad yesterday, Nov. 6 — and it’s taking the Internet by storm.
The ad follows a boy and his pet penguin as they go about their everyday activities. Eventually, the boy notices that his penguin is lonely. The advert concludes with the child surprising his pet with a very special gift for Christmas.

The ad has amassed more than 2 million views on YouTube in just seven hours. “I just cried,” wrote one viewer.
H/t The Blaze and FOTM’s dee

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0 responses to “A heart-warming Christmas ad

  1. That was sweet.

  2. A remarkable advert in that its message was about someone other than ourself, which is what we;ve come to expect of advertising.

  3. So beautiful.

  4. Not only was that charming, but I actually found something that I wanted to purchase. The item was evidently not available to be shipped to the US. Darn it!

  5. WOW – Just made our Christmas! Thanks ever so much….

  6. #MontyThePenguin too cute!


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