A happy Thanksgiving: Mom shoots intruder breaking into home as 4 kids slept inside

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KOMO: A man trying to break into an Edmonds (WA) home in the middle of the night was shot by the mother of the house as her husband and several children lay sleeping inside.
Edmonds police say the woman was awakened around 3:15 a.m Thursday by the sound of someone pounding at their front door. She called 911 then grabbed her gun and went by the front door as the intruder began to force his way inside.
The woman struggled with the intruder but, realizing she wasn’t going to be able to hold him back much longer, fired a shot at his stomach, police said. The intruder was not armed.
Officers arrived moments later to find he wounded intruder still at the front of the house in the 16400 block of 75th Place W. He was taken into custody then driven to Harborview Medical Center where he’s still being treated for the wound. No one else was hurt.
Police say the woman’s husband and 14-, 10- and 5-year-old children were inside the home, as well as a friend of the 14-year-old. Investigators say the intruder didn’t know the victims.

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Dr. Eowyn

This mom is my hero!
As for the home invader, he really should have heeded the sticker on the woman’s car parked outside the home. It says “I love guns & coffee.” LOL

Steven Broiles

This great lady did what she had to do. Notice that we live in the Age of Nihilism: Politicians and liberals AGONIZE over this, and for many years I used to wonder why. Then I figured it out: All their “sympathy for the Devil” is their little entertaining parlor game. It’s their way of telling themselves how morally and intellectually superior they are to the rest of us. Everyone else can get killed, and that’s all right with them: It will never happen to them. In the meantime I have noticed something sinister this way comes: There is a small… Read more »


forgive me for waving the American flag here,but I believe we Americans are cut from a different bolt of cloth than all the Countries before us who have COMPLETELY given up their rights. Yeah,things have gotten pretty bad for those of us who value Liberty over Security,but there are still lines untouched that will make the difference between trying to fix things by legal and civilized ways and moving to “Lock and Load” mode. There a lot of people already planning on the next Civil War,but I still believe there’s a chance to get this bus turned around,if we do… Read more »