A good DRT* story from Chiraq: Two would-be robbers shot to death at South Side liquor store

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Every weekend it’s the same story in Chicago: Numerous people killed and/or wounded from gun/gang/criminal violence. Even with strict gun laws, nothing ever changes.
second amendment
Until somebody fought back. A couple of thugs were shot to death when they tried to rob a liquor store in the Gresham neighborhood. The Chicago Tribune reports that the criminals tried to rob Z&S Food & Liquor and were shot to death by a store employee.
The two thugs walked into the store and one of them hopped over the counter. One of the criminals hit the clerk standing behind the counter, while the other remained in front of the counter.
Here’s the good part: A relative of the store owner heard a commotion upstairs and saw the robbery suspects from a stairwell, authorities said. He pulled out a gun and opened fire on the two, killing them both. At least one of them was armed with a gun.
Investigators were trying to determine if the two would-be robbers had robbed two other stores in the area not long before trying to rob the liquor store.
A witness, Bruce Jones, said he was sitting in a van across the street while his nephews bought drinks inside the store. He said he heard shots and ran across the street into the store, where he saw both robbers laying on the floor “bleeding out.” “Greed and being thirsty, that’s what gets you killed,” Jones said. “You just can’t go taking people’s stuff.”
The store was the site of a previous robbery in which a robber was shot to death in a struggle for a gun and a clerk wounded by a second robber in August of 2011.
A group of bystanders stood talking loudly outside the store, which had a sign banning guns from the premises. “They don’t play and I don’t blame them,” a woman said of the storekeepers. “This (has) happened to them before.”
happy ending
*Dead Right There

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0 responses to “A good DRT* story from Chiraq: Two would-be robbers shot to death at South Side liquor store

  1. The neighborhood is 97.78 % black . What are the odds that it was 2 ” white boys ” that tried to rob the joint ?

  2. Two less thugs to terrorize the p0pulation!! This, my friends is what true gun control is all about: Aiming at your target and hitting it. When I lived there it way the same way it still is: an unarmed population at the mercy pf well armed street animals who made up the other half of dangerous people with guns – the police. Push hard to make the politicians issue your “permit”. Chicago will be much safer when you are all well armed. All Street Animals fear the righteous who are as well armed as they are.

  3. it’s amazing what can happen when people are allowed to arm and protect themselves, instead of a ‘no guns’ sign, they should post
    “robbers shot and killed here”

  4. I was staying with some friends in Salmon, Idaho a few months ago. They like to hunt deer and elk to feed their family, so they have rifles and at least one handgun in their possession.
    One time my friend walked into this convenience store wearing his gun belt and handgun in its holster. The guy behind the cash register said, “Sir, I’m not comfortable with you and that handgun.”
    My friend replied, “Then you are supposed to put up a sign in your store that says handguns are not allowed on the premises.”
    The guy at the cash register said, “I am going to have to call the sheriff.”
    My friend replied, “Go ahead.”
    The sheriff arrived, said hello to my friend, told the guy at the cash register that my friend had a legal right to wear his gun belt and handgun. The sheriff walked out of the store and told my friend to have a great day. The sheriff later phoned the boss of the guy at the cash register and he was fired.
    The guy at the cash register was originally from California. I have heard that San Francisco’s last gun shop closed down a few months ago. The guy who used to work at the cash register should move to San Francisco.
    I love Idaho.

  5. Store’s need to stop posting! My husband won’t go into store’s that post, he even had an older woman come out after him him asking why he didn’t come in and he explained… but alas she just couldn’t wrap that mind around what he said and she commented, “I don’t mean you!” Oh well.


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