A girl's gonna do what she needs to do to get her McGriddle…

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Fight breaks out after women miss McDonald’s breakfast deadline in Philly
NJ.com: The jingle may be “I’m lovin’ it,” but two McDonald’s customers were doing nothing of the sort after apparently missing the deadline for breakfast, my9nj.com reports.
Video shot at 52nd and Chestnut in West Philadelphia last week shows two women who apparently missed the 10:30 a.m. breakfast cut-off and their shot at McGriddle sandwiches. The duo then directs their rage at a man who was nearby, physically attacking him and swinging chairs at him.
Weirder yet, it’s not clear if the man — who even had a broom broken over his head during the melee — was a security guard or customer.
The new America…

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0 responses to “A girl's gonna do what she needs to do to get her McGriddle…

  1. If your addiction for McGriddle sandwiches is so severe that you act out in this manner–you probably need to spend some time in the slammer.

  2. What in the world is in those McGriddle sandwiches?!

  3. DCG, this is really a very good post. It seems very interesting to me, or from my observation that the “ladies” involved do not seem to be “white suburban housewives.” Just members of the entitlement herd, as you said.

  4. This has nothing to do with the deadline for McDonald’s breakfast menu. It has everything to do with the arrogant the-world-owes-it-to-me mentality of too many members of a certain race in America — an attitude fostered by the Left and enabled by the welfare state.

  5. Looks like these daughters of obama were on detour from ferguson with low blood sugar, low IQ, and too much testosterone…they should be in jail.

  6. Just like Ferguson wanted to fight ! If upset over food these gals have problems !

  7. Normal humans do not act like raving mad savages. They should have been arrested for assault and battery. Leeann

  8. If you want to keep you and your family safe while dining at a fast food joint stat away from McDonalds, Burger King, Popeye’s Chicken, KFC, Chuckie Cheeze, Taco Bell,. These places plus some others are like a magnet to the lower rungs of certain ethnic/racial groups
    I spent some time a whiles back watching videos on a couple of channels that warned about good eateries to avoid if you are white
    a lot of the videos I could not watch all the way through as thy were that brutal and senseless


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