A gift to President Sauron

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This is perfect on the White House lawn!

Since I’m a patriot, I’d even chip in a dollar toward this gift, wouldn’t you? 😀

inflatable poopClick image to enlarge!

The above is a photo (taken by Getty Images’ Jessica Hromas) of an inflatable sculpture called “Complex Pile” by American contemporary artist Paul Mccarthy, thereby proving once and for all that much of modern art literally is crap.
The inflatable poop sculpture was on display as part of an exhibition called “Inflation!” curated by Mobile M on April 24, 2013 in Hong Kong.
Source: NBC News’ Photo Blog
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0 responses to “A gift to President Sauron

  1. As Raymond’s father would say, “HOLY CRAP!”

  2. Crapola!

  3. Love it. I’d like it in front of my State Capital Building!

  4. It is unnerving that this kind of display would pass as “art.” Gag me!

    • I love it. Its funny. It sends a message. It should be reproduced and installed in front of a lot of places. I’d better not mention them all! Come on, where’s your sense of humor!

    • with a spoon? ;o)

  5. Dressage Rider

    Why do that when you can visit a farmer’s field and get a lovey meadow muffins, all dried? (recycling at its finest) These can be spray painted gold, and used. Lots of places have contests where these things are tossed. Cow chip flinging at the Iowa state fair for instance. There are actually World Cow Chip championships.

  6. Next to the pic it says “Click image to enlarge!” Wny on earth would I want it to be larger. Looks like something from the people of Walmart. Ick.


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