A Gift to Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck mocks Americans who simply want the truth on Obama’s birth (as well as a whole host of other issues, including his Connecticut Social Security number and why he has so many documents sealed, such as his school records from kindergarten through Harvard Law School) by calling us “birthers.” Beck also said that the “birther thing” is “the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” thereby implying that we are really really stupid.
So I thought I’d make Beck’s day by presenting him with this video, narrated by Carl Gallups of 1330AM, WEBY talk radio, Florida.

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The emperor has no clothes. He walks naked, but the people are blinded.

Ron Baby
Ron Baby

I have not been one on this birther thing as much as the rest of you but I did look at a you tube video featuring Oslobo and in the video he openly admits he was born in Kenya. He also admitted he was not an American citizen.
Now I know what the Constitution says but if he admits he is not an American citizen and then produces a fraudulent birth certificate = then he is guilty of fraud and considering that deception he should be removed from office.


I do not care what people call those of us who know he is not qualified to be in the WH.The people who were supposed to vet him did not do their job.They all need to be brought before the court and prosecuted.