A Food Network Fan Signs Off

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My wife and I were talking today about how so many of Food Network’s shows have been taken over by an agenda to force the “LGBT lifestyle” on its viewers. We have been fans of the network for a long time, but have hit a tipping point. We were watching a moment of “Worst Cooks in America” and flinching every time one of the contestants spoke with a voice that caricatured some women in his life. (He looked a bit like the First Lady.) I did a Google search for “Food Network, LGBT” and came up with a number of stridently fascist sites promoting the “lifestyle.” And there was one lone post (below) that expressed some of my own misgivings. ~TD 


Sorry Food Network…enough is enough

Food Network
By Tami Jackson

[SEE Food Network Response at bottom of article!]

I have long been a fan of the Food Network, especially the show “Chopped,” where 4 chefs compete to make a meal in a set amount of time with mystery ingredients in a basket. 

But lately, with the new season, the channel has gone into full assault mode with a rabidly gay agenda.
jamie_chefI was set to watch my DVR’d episode of Chopped a few days a go, and one of the 4 chefs was a man by day, drag queen and chef by night. And another recent episode had a woman chef, whose goal was to win the $10K so she could marry her girlfriend.
The bio went so far as to show the women kissing…on the mouth. I stopped both episodes and deleted, then deleted Chopped from the “Series Recording.”
Then, I knew I needed to write the network. It may avail nothing, but yet I had to write.

Here is the letter:

Dear Food Network,
I realize I am just one person, so this may be an exercise in futility. You have been one of my favorite channels, and Chopped has been my favorite show on the Food Network.
But the last 2 episodes I found so offensive, I deleted them from my DVR after just the first few minutes and have deleted Chopped from my series recording.
I realize many channels, in an effort to advance the “Cable Positive” vision, are implementing gay characters and a pro-gay message. I love ALL people, but I believe in a biblical worldview. I don’t enjoy seeing same sex folks kissing and chefs in drag.
It has nothing to do with hate; it has everything to do with my faith and values.
Let me be clear: I believe EVERYONE has sinned and fallen short of God’s glory and standards. That includes me and and my friends…should they choose a heterosexual or homosexual lifestyle.
I am a writer, editor, and talk show host, and am doing all I can to uphold solid, biblical values: to love God and people and be an instrument of His grace.
Unfortunately, I won’t be watching your channel in the future, and I will tell friends and followers why. Again, I bear no ill-will nor hatred for anyone.
But some things are worth standing up for, and to the best of my ability, I choose to do what pleases God.
Although I don’t expect one email from one person to sway your determination to impose your agenda, perhaps it’s a start. My listening audience is a paltry 100- 200K…not large. But they will know and be informed.
I am so sad that I cannot simply watch a wonderful show, with talented chefs, many of whom cook for causes.
By the way, my favorite Chopped episode of all time was the show where Lance, the Evangelical Christian, won the redemption re-match and then gave money to the runner-up to see her dying grandmother in France.
That was so moving — I watched it several times and had friends watch.
Unfortunately, the Food Network has chosen a different, stringently pro-gay agenda to showcase…and lost a formerly faithful viewer.
With great sadness,
Tamara Jackson

I have had many conversations with Conservative friends who write, edit, and are in media. We all are seeing a “full court press” by the secular humanists and those advancing this rabidly pro-gay agenda. Everyone I talk to agrees that this is a spiritual battle, and it’s just beginning.
I have been called vile names on Twitter, merely for supporting Phil Robertson and his family.
And I suspect it will get worse.
Consider this a heads up: several media outlets and networks are implementing their strategy to “re-train” a new generation of American who will be tolerant of any and all morals except those of Conservative people of faith.

Breaking: I received these comments from the Food Network QA Facebook account on my Facebook page. I am waiting from a verification of this account from Food Network. One informant said it may not be an “official FN account.”

Food Network Reply
Food Network 2
Read more at https://theblacksphere.net/2014/02/sorry-food-network-enough-enough/

Well that’s all for now. It’s late on the East Coast, and time for me to sprinkle some pixie dust, and ride my pink unicorn off to dreamland. 

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0 responses to “A Food Network Fan Signs Off

  1. IMO
    Come on, Food Network has been part of the normalisation agenda for quite some time. Along with every other channel except perhaps The Blaze and Foxnews, but even they each push their luck in some ways. But the offenses are cumulative and as we reach our personal tipping points we tune them out one by one.

  2. Unfortunately, much of the ‘entertainment industry’ is agenda-driven, and their agenda is the destruction of traditional values.
    Homosexuality is the ‘new standard of normalcy’, and an intolerant standard it is.
    Perhaps the Food Network could have a new program featuring those homosexual bakery owners who refused to bake a traditional wedding cake
    while traditional bakeries are being sued for ‘intolerance’.

  3. one way to ruin one’s appetite…is it possible to just have a show without the propaganda? I do like the Hallmark channel.

  4. Mrs. Jackson could also show support for Biblical values by refusing to call Homosexuals “Gays”. They are not gay,they are homosexuals. (Gay IS quicker and easier to write,but if it’s worth the protest it’s worth the extra effort.) I’ve never seen the fascination with food,but then most people don’t understand my fascination with old trucks,either.

  5. I think this whole yea for gay agenda is dispicable and the networks won’t stop it until it hurts them in their pockets. Until they quit, we quit them. They are so in our faces with this BS and it turns most people away.

    • Exactly, Northerngirl!!! The only way to stop the agenda is to stop financing it. Stop watching the shows, paying the channel and purchasing the products that finance those shows. It is rather simple, if enough people take that step, game over!!

    • That’s right. Turn off the cable. Use the $$ to support conservative, pro life, biblical organizations. What does cable cost now? $90 a month?

  6. Michelle Campbell

    I’m sick and tired of the queer agenda being shoved down my throat . As a hairdresser by trade I tolerated them as co – workers . As I got older listening to many years of filth and perversion spewing out of their mouths about their latest conquests , it did not take long to become sickened .When I know an actor or talk show host is gay , I refuse to watch the show I turn the channel .I listen to Christian programing or family shows . I delete face book feeds or any thing else that promotes this agenda .The lord says love thy people , but do not except the sin . Which means to separate yourself from the sin . We are not suppose to embrace the sin .And I look at that to mean not to expose yourself to it in any way If someone needs my help , I help . But I don’t intermix or inter socialize as long as someone is living and perpetrating this sin .

    • I know what you mean Michelle, they have to give you every single detail of their bedroom follies. Who cares!! I really think their main objective is to draw attention to themselves and be as shocking as they possibly can be. I ignore them and I refuse to act shocked, even if I am.

  7. I am in total agreement. Each week or so, there are less and less shows that we care to watch. Not anti gay, I just believe anything sexual should be kept behind closed doors. Have some pride and dignity.
    I know a couple of years ago, Jarrett went to Hollywood to get their agenda pushed. Well, it seems to have worked.
    TV just like movies have fallen in viewership and will continue to do so.
    We have switched to watching more foreign movies and TV and have our favorite DVDs and that is that.
    The current so called comedies on TV are vile, nasty and just not funny. Other shows have stepped up the violence, cussing and explosive deaths. Really? Is all that needed?

  8. Yes it is in the ‘media’ lest we forget it is in our ‘christian churches’ also, preached from the pulpits:
    Linguistics of Sin, Evil, Death, they are among the most ancient of various enlightened cultures socio-political narratives throughout the course of human history before their decline and eventual destruction.
    Sodomy and the very real problem of moral and cultural relativism hijacking language, purely from the linguistics point of view, to serve their narrative, is tearing down Tradition and smashing its natural and moral law foundation.
    Unless you wish to be labeled as an unenlightened homophobe, viciously attacked, you may not identify sodomy by Linguistic Tradition, call it by its proper, Traditional name. This rather queer non-traditional deviant sexual behavior must be identified by the approved language of the enlightened sodomite progressive agenda and its government allies.
    Our premise on the discussion of Hijacked Linguistics to push the Militant-Sodomite agenda is thus; Gay, Pride, Civil Right, Alternative Lifestyle, Born this way, etc.
    It is not Gay it is Sodomy or Lesbianism. ‘Pride Parade’? Nothing new here Lucifer stuck his ‘Pride Parade’ thumb in God’s eye thus now we know him as Satan, Homosexual is a manufactured term from the late 1800′s to denote a non-existent dichotomy in Human Sexuality. It is Sodomy and those who participate are Sodomites…Satan laughing spreads his wings…
    Change the language to feel comfortable yes even deny evil to continue to fulfill animalistic pleasure, worshiping the creature rather than The Creator. A nation, a people without conscious acknowledgment of the Moral and Natural Laws is a nation, people of despair and death.

  9. P.S. Threw out our Glass Toilets YEARS AGO, never missed ’em; more time for friends families and Great Books!

  10. Granted, it’s pretty disgusting to see two homos kissing — especially on a food show. But I still watch “The Pioneer Woman” and “Ten Dollar Dinners.”

    • Im surprised Ree, the Pioneer Woman, has lasted as long as she has. Afterall, she’s a traditional southern housewife who homeschools her kids, oh the horror!

  11. i have to agree this is a sorry state when they start acting like this on tv .
    it is bad enough to see it on the streets .
    gay people have no sense of decency they way they grab
    and xsplore each other in public.
    just listening to them on rtd makes me cringe

  12. Good grief. What does homosexuality — or heterosexuality — have to do with food and cooking?
    Answer: Nothing — which speaks to the ideological/political agenda. Cases and times like this makes me think there’s an unseen malevolent hand pulling the strings. And they say there are no conspiracies… /sarc

  13. HGTV is doing the same thing. Try watching 5 episodes of House Hunters without seeing one of the “couple” being homosexuals. I turn it off every time.

  14. Kevin J Lankford

    Perhaps they could accommodate every one with a separate “spin off” show. Perhaps something like “Food For Faggots”.

  15. One thing that may influence the Food Network’s “Chopped”, is that the emcee is openly gay. Read his bio (google it in).
    Another program that I refuse to watch any longer is one of those “Pick the Dress (Wedding)”, or some similar title. One episode had the bride picking out her dress and THEN the one she was to marry also picks out her dress.
    It was enough to make me weep (and toss my cookies).

  16. Even some of my “Christian” friends support gays. Those few of us left who support wholesome values are now dinosaurs. What fate awaits those of us who speak out? I shudder to think.

  17. Dr. Eowyn says, “Cases and times like this makes me think there’s an unseen malevolent hand pulling the strings. And they say there are no conspiracies… /sarc”.
    Yes, absolutely. Years ago I heard a minister say that the Devil hates sex. “What?” I asked myself. To me it seems that he loves the perversion, but that is the point. He hates everything that God does and tries to ruin it. God’s plan was that mankind procreate, but the Devil is doing everything he can to pervert and destroy what God ordained. And we know from God’s Word how much He hates homosexuality, forbids it, and will judge those who participate in it. We love the sinner but hate the sin.

  18. I quit watching television 14 years ago.
    Did I miss anything worthwhile?

  19. This is a somewhat dated article, but it will give you many facts about who is responsible for the agendas being pushed in ALL of our media – and it’s not limited to the TV, but extends to textbooks for our children. I’m glad to see that many Americans of all types are awakening to recognize the agendas and are no longer supporting them.

  20. I didn’t care about the Gay or Trans-gender or WHATEVER crap going on during these cooking shows…I just could NO LONGER watch the aggregate number of (BAD & body-engulfing) tattoos & piercings anymore on the competitors/judges.
    Piercings especially make my eyes water….Let me tell you (as a teacher) @daily encounter w/these: I had, for instance, a 7th- GRADE girl w/ a confidential health warning that said she had to have antibiotics to recieve any invasive medical care..like teeth cleaning…& yet—HELLO! She had eyebrow/nose piercings! The nose piercing constantly seeped pus/serous fluid. I just couldn’t look her in the eye/face for any period of time….ONe day I asked her if she was on constant antibiotics b/c I had a health warning for her from the office…She looked back at me w/a CLUELESS expression. Neither she or her parents (who, in the state of CA had to sign a permission for her at the time to have the piercings…) could relate her medical (heart) alert of any kid of invasion(teeth cleaning, piercings, tattoes…etc.) to her nose piercing…JUST FOR INSTANCE. So, as a teacher…what do I DO with this sort of assinine (in view of the circumstances) confidential health warning? Do I send the kid to the office every day b/c her nose is seeping pus? According to the confidential health notice, I guess so…BUT…if I did that…I GUARANTEE you that she would be sent back inside of 2 minutes (the time to walk to the health office and back) & I would get (eventually–after enough times) a contact from the office and health clerk to “cease and desist” sending this kid to the office with her pus-running pierced nose. BUT—I can also pretty much guarantee you that…IF the kid had dropped dead or suffered an episode of septicemia in my classroom and dropped over, requiring a 911 CALL… I would have been put in a bad spot..maybe SUED…maybe lost my teaching credential…b/c HEY–I”D BEEN WARNED in print about her need for antibiotics IF and WHEN there was bodily invasive circumstance………

  21. Ain’t that the truth? Truth… hard to kick against the pricks.
    Hello Paul

  22. i am sick of it too, thats how i found you.


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