A feminist whines: "Kate Middleton shouldn't have any more children!"

Insufferable feminist Greer

Insufferable feminist Greer

DailyMail: The Duchess of Cambridge may already be pregnant with her second child and plans to add another baby to the royal brood but one controversial feminist has slammed her decision, saying she’s “too thin” and should stop.
Geemaine Greer, who penned the best-selling book The Female Eunuch in 1979, said that the former Kate Middleton, who gave birth to Prince George last July, is “too thin” and shouldn’t  have any more children.
Speaking to British-based magazine Newsweek Europe about Kate’s chronic morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, the 75-year-old Australian said: “The girl is too thin! [Kate] is vomiting her guts up and shouldn’t have been made to go through all this again so soon.”
It’s not so much that she has to be a womb, but she has to be a mother. I would hope after this one she says, “That’s it. No more.”
kate middletonIf that wasn’t enough, Greer added that 32-year-old Kate had a “b*****d of a job” because she had been “put in charge of William”.
She believes that Kate’s interests have been limited by the royal family, which she dismisses as a “mad anachronism”, and argues that Kate has had to learn exactly how to behave, adding that spontaneity will get her in trouble.
She also states that Kate, who graduated from St. Andrews University with a 2.1 honors degree in art history in 2005, is a great deal more intelligent than the rest of the royals yet is “made to appear absolutely anodyne”.
Germaine, a theorist, academic and journalist, is widely regarded as one of the mid-twentieth century’s most controversial feminist voices. She has penned numerous tomes, including Sex and Destiny: The Politics of Human Fertility; The Change: Women, Ageing and Menopause, and The Whole Woman.
She once defined her goal as “women’s liberation” as distinct from “equality with men” and aims to promote the freedom of women to define their own values and determine their own fate.
Childless Greer left home in her youth due to conflict with her family. She tied the knot to Welsh carpenter Paul du Feu in London in 1968 – but the marriage only lasted 3 1/2 weeks.

Read the rest of the story here.

If Kate is so highly intelligent, as Ms. Greer claims, shouldn’t she be smart enough to determine her own fate?
From The Female Eunuch wiki page:
“The main thesis of the book is that the “traditional” suburban, consumerist, nuclear family represses women sexually, and that this devitalizes them, rendering them eunuch. Greer argues that men hate women, though the latter do not realize this and are taught to hate themselves.  Greer references the loss of women’s freedom with the “sudden death of communism” (1989) as catapult for women the world over for a sudden transition into consumer Western society wherein there is little to no protection for mothers and the disabled; here, there is no freedom to speak. Greer argues that change had to come about via revolution, not evolution. Women should get to know and come to accept their own bodies, taste their own menstrual blood, and give up celibacy and monogamy.
No wonder her marriage lasted less than a month.

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Dr. Eowyn

Good grief. Germaine Greer is still alive? As for her asinine injunction that “Women should … taste their own menstrual blood, and give up celibacy and monogamy,” what does all that have to do with women’s “liberation” and striving for “equal rights” and freedom to determine their own fate? So to be feminists, women should now be sluts who “taste their own menstrual blood”? No, thanks. This is not freedom to determine women’s own fate. This is nonsensical enslavement to Greer’s very peculiar twisted notions. Given her grizzly gnarly appearance, Greer looks to be many years into her post-menopausal years,… Read more »


Goodness, who gave her the go ahead to determine what another woman should do. Kate has appeared to be a loving, caring mother and if she wants two babies, that is no one’s business but Kate and her husband.
She sounds a little hateful and demented. Did she ever have children herself? She seems to be carrying a grudge of some sort and it not be all about being thin.


Is the most correct term .
..wow, look who’s bossy now. Oh wait, can I say that here? (wink)


Ms. Greer is a very disturbed woman. Seems to me she has spent her whole life being sexually repellent to men and is now envious of any relationship that is successful. Kate is smart enough to do exactly what she wants, when she wants to. She dated Prince William long enough to know exactly what kind of life she was going to lead.


I sense jealousy.
And why are femminazis always so butt ugly?


“A feminist whines….”
Gosh, who expected *that*?!?

Dr. Yvonne Kleine

I thought she was dead. Her ridiculous ideas certainly are.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

There’s no doubt about the jealousy aspect–Germaine has lived her life and is now a dried up old hag. If her life had been that successful, then surely she would have made enough money to fix her aging teeth. Sorry, but I think she could play the wicked witch in Snow White (without much supplementary makeup.) Yes, Kate is rather slender, so what–many of today’s young woman want that look. That is her choice, but her choice should not preclude her from having children. From the pictures that are shown of her, she seems to be rather happy about her… Read more »


Germaine is an insufferable witch! Germane to this post, let’s relegate her to the non-relevant pile….