A fellow patriot needs your prayers

I just received an email from one of FOTM’s friends, PatriotUSA.
He’s asking us to pray for a fellow patriot named Dave (“Thirdwavedave”), of the blog Radio Patriot.

Dave was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia in late February 2007. He is now clinging to life and desperately needs a miracle — and our prayers.
There is a more detailed account of Dave’s ailment and condition on Radio Patriot. Click here.
PatriotUSA didn’t ask for it, but I’m asking you all to also pray for him. This is what PatriotUSA wrote in his email to me:
“My apologies for being a bit scarce form FOTM but I have taken a very bad turn for the worse due to my failed spinal fusions and the last two weeks have been literally hellish. I have barely been able to work and had a huge interview this past Thursday for a position with senior disabled services that took me several days to prepare for. So I am on a razor’s edge but I am blessed beyond measure and rich with treasures from Jesus with each day I have even if I feel like roadkill.”

Prayer for Thirdwavedave and PatriotUSA

Dear Heavenly Father:

You are a stern but merciful and loving God.

We know that you love us in spite of ourselves. You love us so much that you sent your only Son to suffer and die for us, so that we may be saved.

Your son, Jesus the Christ, told us that not a sparrow falls on the ground without your knowledge and your will; that we must become like little children again; and that “if you have faith, everything you ask for in prayer, you will receive.”

Therefore, it is with a childlike trust and innocence that we come to You. We humbly ask that you bless Dave and PatriotUSA with your healing grace, love, and peace.

In the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Update (August 8, 2012):

Sadly, I received an email this morning from PatriotUSA that Dave had passed away. PatriotUSA writes:
“ThirdWaveDave is now home with Lord. We must all be sure to vote Obama out of office in honor of Dave, it is the very least we can do. I am numb am going to pray as I know not else what to do.”

This is the email I wrote PatriotUSA:
“I am so sorry for your pain and loss. Above all, our prayers always had been that we do in accordance to God’s will.
Though gone from this mortal coil, Dave is now with God and will continue to fight the good fight — but with Angels and Saints by his side. I know that, should I be so blessed as to ‘go to Heaven’ after my body dies, I would want to continue as a little soldier in St. Michael the Archangel’s army.
So wipe your tears away and rejoice, PatriotUSA. Heaven just welcomed a new angel named ThirdWaveDave.”

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prayers coming for you both Dave and Patriot.


Prayers for both.


Same here, prayers for Dave and Patriot.


Oh Lord, listen to our pleas. We need your love, support and mercy. You know You are in our hearts. Be merciful and take pity upon us. Hear our cries.

Jeremy Walker

he is in my thoughts and prayers He wished that he would live long enough to vote against Obama this 2nd time around. I wasnt going to vote because its all staged and everything but Ive decided to go vote this election, against Obama of course,… for Third Wave Dave


Thank you to all, I am humbled by the responses here and a BIG thanks to Dr. Eowyn.
I am not the sorta guy who asks for help for myself and I saw a need that was sent to me and I just followed what The Lord put on my heart.
@Jeremy: What you said about voting and it being for Thirdwavedave and how you are voting would really make him feel great. I have passed all these comments to Andrea and again, thanks to all.

Caroline Niven-Roy

Praying for Dave…


….all we can do is give our all…
peace be unto you Brother Dave


Dave and Patriot USA are in my prayers. I have just offered my day to them to Jesus, and I have asked the Blessed Mother, Mary, the angels and the saints, to help them.


My prayers are with Dave and Patriot. Sorry I’m a little late, for some reason my posts from FOTM haven’t been getting to me the past couple of days. You guys will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Hang tough and always remember where your best hope lies.


Prayers for his family.