A drone that can turn door knobs

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Drone technology is growing by leaps and bounds, but few of us are paying due attention.
Did you know that drones can be as small as a fly, weighing less than a gram? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2660255/Worlds-smallest-drone-Robo-fly-weighs-gram.html
Add to this the news that scientists have fashioned a drone that can turn valves, which means it can also turn door knobs.
Pay attention! Drones are being used for SURVEILLANCE. The civil liberties alarm bells should be ringing in your ears.

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0 responses to “A drone that can turn door knobs

  1. Cute-but it’d take airplane engines and props to turn a valve with any pressure behind it. I think they’re pushing their technology faster than their common sense can run.

  2. WHERE is the ACLU when we really need them? Next up, armed drone that can break down doors and windows!

  3. The creepy little drones have gotten smaller! From dragonfly size to moth size to fly size!
    Compare from Summer, 3-years ago (about the time I quit blogging):
    Did King Solomon Predict “Dragonfly Drones” & “Cyborg Moths”?


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