A dragon in his garden

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John Brooker, 75, has spent 10 years sculpting the hedgerow outside his cottage in Norfolk, England, into a huge, 100 ft. long, magnificent dragon, complete with six legs, wings, and pointed teeth.

dragon hedge1Chris Parsons reports for Yahoo News, May 22, 2014, that Brooker spends hours trimming the 20ft high hedge to keep it in shape, and has added extra details like flared nostrils over the years.

dragon hedge2dragon hedge3John Brooker looks like a Middle-earth wizard, doesn’t he? LOL

The enormous dragon runs along the side of his garden and often surprises people trekking along the nearby footpath.

Paul Bevvings, who walked past Brooker’s cottage, said: “A dragon was the last thing I expected to spot in the Norfolk countryside. I got quite a shock when I looked over the fence and came face to face with it.”

dragon hedge4All photos by Rex features.

I want one!

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0 responses to “A dragon in his garden

  1. John Brooker looks like a Middle-earth wizard, doesn’t he? ….nice!

  2. I wonder if he ever got his beard tangled up in the clippers? Next year, a Balrog by the birdbath!

  3. A true horticultural manicurist!

  4. Very beautiful. Good way to pass time!

  5. that is excellent 🙂

  6. lizzieclugston

    Absolutely awesome. It must be unique? Does John give lessons in how to create something as wonderful as this? Big thumbs up to him I wonder if the RHS have seen this?

  7. How about some red streamers fluttering from its nostrils…LOL
    It really is a work of art – just wish I had a big enough hedge..and TEN YEARS…..;>>))

  8. beautiful art work

  9. I love dragons. That is the coolest thing I ever saw!

  10. What kind of hedge is it? (what genus/species)

  11. What type of tree or bush is used for sculpting?

    • Tam and Donna:

      I don’t have answers to your questions about what type of tree, bush, or hedge that Mr. Brooker shaped into a dragon. I suggest you take a look at Blackrow Nurseries’ catalog on native trees and hedges of Norfolk, England:

      • As a basic rule, only small-leaved plants are suitable for such severe pruning; classic such plants are English, Korean, and Japanese boxwoods, which are all broad-leaved evergreens. In conifers the choice is also limited: hemlock and yews are pretty well all of the best. Period.

        The plant should also have the ability to sprout from dormant or adventitious buds along its stems, which is NOT a common trait in plants, thus the limited range of species suitable for such severe techniques.

        If this is part of a native English hedgerow, then it can be one of several plants, however, to my eye it appears too well-groomed for this to be the case.

        • Thank you, Joseph!

        • Boxwood takes so LONG —years and years…..to mature & flourish to even 3-foot high in that climate….are youu SURE Jospeph? (Maybe the boxwood had already been there for 200 years?…..it’s England…after all ) What about the pedestrian privot? On the USA East coast, I rooted them w/clippings shoved into UN-prepared/un-ammended ground & covered w/ mayonnaise jars in early spring to root right there in the ground.Within 2 years…I had a 2-foot high hedge….after that, whatever I allowed it to grow to….When I wanted it to be thicker, I just trimmed height. Then, when thick enough, I allowed it top go “wild” once again… Within 5-6 years, I had a solid FENCE of hedge with NO open spaces, no gaps. I could have carved a dragon!

          • CalGirl, you were a good gardener in the USA’s East Coast, which has quite a few areas w/similar weather to that in the UK. Most of the UK has higher precipitation than US West or East coastal weather, but the temperature range is similar, perhaps somewhat milder, w/a longer growing season for cool weather plants.

            It is difficult for me to make out by the texture what plant thisis, but it’s coarse enough that it cannot be boxwood. It’s most likely a native plant that’s had its foliage dwarfed by decades of intensive care.

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this extraordinary post. This man is such an incredible artist! How inspiring!

  13. Barb Hanington

    I hope he continues for as long as possible, while teaching a young person his wonderous ways. Much LoVe to him.

  14. Brilliant so nice to see such endearing workmanship, just think of all the effort and loveing hours he has put into his work of art,, so well done he must be so proud xxx

  15. traildustfotm

    Wow! That is just TOO COOL!!! 😀

    I want one!!!

  16. Magnificent, this is the living art!

  17. Nina de Lisser

    What a truly amazing visual concept Mr. Brooker has. Does anyone know if he has done others? I have seen this type of Living Art~but never to this scale and perfectly portioned .. What a talent and gift Mr Brooker has. I am left humbled.

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