A different kind of Hooters

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You are forewarned!


Proceed at your own risk!

I added the rose to protect your delicate sensibilities. LOL

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0 responses to “A different kind of Hooters

  1. This will give me nightmares for a week!!!

  2. Hi Eowyn,
    Im fine, thanks. I didn’t disappear, have been following the blog every day, but I’m having loads of classes, plus burnt my hand pretty bad during Christmas. Now all well again!!! 🙂

  3. In a word… EEEWW!

  4. GAG, glad I finished my sandwich before viewing this!

  5. OH MY !!!! Just about the time you think you have seen everything !!!

  6. Did you mean Jenny Craig?

  7. Dennis H. Bennett

    I could have done without this….has that pole been re-welded?

  8. No bulge. But then, that may not mean anything as “it” may be a post-op trannie.


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