A different kind of Christmas card…

Nothing Says “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” Like a Leopard Devouring a Deer

Do you find this a little creepy?  San Juan, Puerto Rico mayor Jorge Santini’s family Christmas cards come with the saying, “Que esta Navidad ilumine tu sueño,” which translates to “May this Christmas light your dream” in English.
Santini defended the unusual card by saying he wanted to promote el Museo de Vida Silvestre (Museum of Wildlife), posing for five different shots around the museum. Other versions of the card include the family posing next to a penguin, and in front of an elephant greeting visitors.
Well, it may be a bit odd, but he is promoting something that he and the municipality founded.  But this card is not nearly as awkward as some of these beauties (from awkawrdfamilyphotos.com).

Betcha couldn’t guess this family loves to swim!

Wonder what baby will think?

Talk about creepy!

After seeing some of the other Christmas cards and photos, I’m not so sure that the Mayor’s is all that bad!

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Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago

My reactions to the 4 ill-conceived Christmas cards:
Bad taste is much more common than I’d ever thought.

9 years ago

I was just going to turn off the computer and go write out my Christmas cards. Creepy satire and exhibitionism are not exactly what I want to send to my friends and family. What are they thinking??

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

OMG! Eeeeew —- for all of them!

9 years ago


Mokitano Gigante
Mokitano Gigante
9 years ago

The thing about the mayor’s is…that he’s the capital’s mayor, and a controversial one at that. PR is suffering a wave of violence for which that kind of image, that says nothing about Christmas, is insane. And what a lack of sensibility from the women of the family. This is a picture of ignorance and lack of respect for the society.