A culture with no respect for human life: Cops investigate dead newborn at New York high school

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MyFoxNY.com: Police are investigating the death of a newborn whose body was left by its teenage mother in the nurse’s office at a central New York high school.
Syracuse police Chief Frank Fowler said at a news conference Wednesday that the baby’s mother is a student, but he wouldn’t give her name or age, or the baby’s gender. Fowler said the baby was dead before it was brought to Nottingham High School on Monday. He said the school nurse alerted police after looking inside a backpack the girl had left with her.
Fowler said investigators are still trying to determine the baby’s age and cause of death. He said homicide hasn’t been ruled out.
School Superintendent Sharon Contreras released a statement saying counseling was being made available to students and staff affected by “this difficult tragedy.”
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This is horrific. This comment accurately describes what is wrong with America today.
“Why is this even news? Why are the police even investigating? It’s a dead “fetus” for pete’s sake, so what’s the difference whether the death occurs in front of or behind a human stomach? There’s no age limit on who can have an abortion, so why indicate she’s a “teenage mother?” I’m sure it would have been an inconvenient burden to her, so why should she bear responsibility on a potential human life that would have lived in misery anyway? She was doing the fetus and society a favor. There’s no ambiguity, it’s all perfectly legal. After all, this has occurred over 50 million times in America since 1973. What’s the big deal to a society that puts zero value on unplanned human life? Why should anyone be horrified by this story? In fact it would be extremely hypocritical for any pro-choice/Anti-Life advocate to show any type of sympathy for the murdered baby. This is what it’s come to. This is how sick society has become.”
Yet Planned Parenthood abortion business president Cecile Richards actively promotes death:
“Put simply: a 20-week abortion ban lacks compassion & it lacks respect.
And you wonder why teenagers have no respect for human life.

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MA in MO

Great article. I did read a comment the other day that said a baby is not an actual human being until it draws its first breath. This was just one article. Is this what those who believe in abortion base their decision on?

Dr. Eowyn

DCG, the title you gave this post “A culture with no respect for human life” says it all. 🙁


a fetus doesn’t count as human until it can sign up for public assistance and vote for more commies.


I don’t think they even THINK about the parameters-I think their “thought process” skids to a stop just past,”This pregnancy would END my young and carefree lifestyle.”


it is very likely that the “mother” of this precious baby has herself learned the message that she is also worthless ~ not only social pressures affect “choice” but also financial, spiritual, and psychological aspects as well ~ when we as a nation respect every female and build her up into a person able to withstand all the forces that work against her accepting the heavenly responsibility to carry her pre-born child and help her with all true needs, including social supports to help the “father” to accept full responsibility to give lifelong commitment and fidelity to his family, then… Read more »