A cross appears on the floor of the U.S. Capitol Rotunda

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Chad Pergram is an award-winning reporter who covers Congress for Fox News.

On January 16, 2019, Pergram tweeted this picture of the floor of the U.S. Capitol Rotunda with the cryptic text: “A cross is now visible on the center circle on the floor of the US Capitol Rotunda”.

Pergram has not responded to readers’ queries as to whether the cross had always been there or if it’s a new phenomenon, but a reader (@Knuffle_Bunny) of his tweet responded with a picture of the Capitol Rotunda’s floor before/without the cross:

Another reader () tweeted a picture of a star in the middle of the floor, claiming that it’s of the Capitol Rotunda. But she’s mistaken: the floor with a star in the middle is in the Capitol building’s Crypt — a large circular area on the first floor of the building — not the Rotunda, which is a large, domed, circular room on the second floor of the Capitol building.

I have searched in vain for photos of the Capitol Rotunda’s floor, including a 360° virtual tour of the Rotunda, but did not find any picture showing the center of the Rotunda floor with or without a cross.

If anyone reading this can supply us with pictures, please leave a comment!

Update (Jan. 20, 2019):

A reader of FOTM, Mary, found this pic of the Rotunda floor, taken before Chad Pergram’s January 16 tweet:

I cropped and enlarged the center of the floor. I do not see a cross in the white circle, do you?


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18 responses to “A cross appears on the floor of the U.S. Capitol Rotunda

  1. Hmmmmm!…..and it looks beautiful.

  2. That really is quite other worldly. It does not appear, at least to me, to be something which has been drawn on the floor, but rather something inherent in the marble, or stone that the floor is made of.

    Fabulous find! Thank you.

  3. Keep mooslime congresscritters like Ratshita Tlaib & Ilhambone Omar away from that – they or some of their staffers will try to deface it.

    • No need to deface it, Jackie, because if it’s actually there, the reality and possibly intent are that it’d get walked on. Symbolically, the Gnostic mural “Apotheosis of Washington” in the Rotunda’s symbolic heavens above, elevating the perfect Masonic man to godlike status as savior of mankind, is contrasted with a barely discernible, fading cross that will be walked on unnoticed as Americans look forward to the next coming of a Washington or Caesar, who may well be the Antichrist himself.

      Symbolism is everything in monumental architecture, starting with scaling hierarchies denoting importance, and often shadows and light symbolizing good and evil. See Sinister Sites at vigilantcitizen for a depiction of the Christian cross designed into the paving at Israel’s Supreme Court. “At the center of the parking facilities are pathways shaped like Christian cross. Jerry Golden has mentioned that this cross has been specifically placed to be trampled on by visitors. He is most probably right. In a building where spiritual symbolism reigns supreme, there are effectively little chances that the layout of those pathways hasn’t been thoroughly thought out. . .”

    • LOL-GOOD nicknames!

  4. I have been a Master Mason for over fifty years. I have yet to meet or hear of a brother Mason who claims to be perfect, or that if he were perfect he would have “godlike status as savior of mankind.” Masonry is intended to take a good man and make him better – not perfect nor god-like. We try to take care of our families and to help our fellow humans when and where we can. Even though many Masons were involved in the creation of the United States, discussion of politics is forbidden in our lodges. Masonry is not a religion, although belief in a supreme being is required for membership. Masonry is open to membership by persons of any religion or race.

    • Thank you, Dan, for this enlightenment, because let’s face it: 99% of people simply do not know anything about the Masonic Order, so it’s inevitably filled with rumours and false accusations.

    • The apotheosis or semi-deification of GW is the mural’s title and purpose. It is not some fanciful speculation. Moreover, the rest of the symbolism represents the Masonic and gnostic belief in man’s ultimate perfectibility through reason, science, and ethics made known to an elect through arcane symbolism.The man himself presided over the strictly Masonic dedication of the Capitol and was accorded a strictly Masonic, non-Christian funeral, although he rejected embarrassing adulation during his lifetime. If you do come across someone in or out of the Craft saying he’s perfect and the savior of mankind, head the other way, True Dan.

    • Thank you Dan, for some info on this topic. I’ve been working on my /my husband’s genealogy/history for over 40 years. One of my husband’s great-great grandfathers in NC was some high degree in Masonry. It was in his obituary. I never understood it…but you have helped me a little. I still have a long way to go in this, as both of our ancestral lines date back, mostly, so far as to include Masonry at very early ages in our Republic….But, I still study…..

  5. In Jerusalem at the Supreme Court building there is actually a bridge
    which is in actuality a cross, forcing pedestrians to walk on the cross
    to enter the building. Saw a picture on the net by Rense. I found it
    to be despicable.

  6. It certainly would help offset all the disgusting masonic graffiti in DC.

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  8. You would think that the Architect of the Capitol would have the inside scoop on this.


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