A Country on the Brink

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A Country on the Brink

By Tom in NC  
  • Double digit unemployment.
  • Record deficits.
  • Record debt.
  • Out of control government spending.
  • Socialized healthcare.
  • Totally failed foreign policy.
  • Government take over of auto companies, financial institutions, Wall Street.
  • Governing against the will of the people.
  • Pandering to foreign dictators and despots.
  • In direct violation of the Constitution by not securing our southern border, leaving our citizens vulnerable to crimes committed by illegal immigrants AND hampering individual states’ attempts at enforcing the very laws concerning illegal immigrants already on the books.
  • Lying to the American people on numerous occasions, too numerous to list here.
  • Covering up of past records, including birth records, college and university transcripts.
  • Lackadaisical response to the worst ecological disaster (oil rig explosion and oil leak in Gulf of Mexico) in the history of our country.
This by no means is a complete list. This is just a list of the partial results of the first 17 months of of the Obama Administration and its utter incompetence and radical anti-American agenda. This occupant of the White House (it is just too painful and too much of a show of respect to call him president) has done more to undermine the Constitution, democracy and the economy of this country than any of his predecessors. Since his inauguration he has shown nothing but contempt for our laws and the people of this country in order to lead the United States down the dark and crater-filled road to socialism, hoping to ultimately destroy our standing in the world. After all he did refer to this country as arrogant and this is his way of taking us down several notches in the eyes of the world’s countries, who for the most part considered us too powerful. Now as the prospect of economic collapse looms on the horizon, he can be proud of his accomplishment.
His arrogance towards this country is down right criminal, he cares not for the will of the people and refers to us who oppose him in vulgar sexual terms. He coddles our enemies and turns his back on our allies and even our own citizens. He refuses to secure our border with Mexico and chastises and outright lies about an Arizona law that gives police the authority to question a person about the status as a citizen ONLY after being detained by police for a separate matter. There is no racial profiling, but this president and his half-wit minions including Eric Holder, Attorney General; Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security; and P.J. Crowley, State Dept spokesman cannot be bothered to actually READ the law before commenting on it. If this administration did its job, states like Arizona would not have to write its own laws, and who can blame them, they are on the front lines. Murders, rapes and kidnappings perpetrated by illegal immigrants are at epidemic levels in Arizona; in fact Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of this country. 
We are in deed in dire straits as a country and I’m not sure if there is a way out of this mess before everything collapses like a house of cards. By election time this November, our country could be just a hollow shell of what it used to be, and to be sure the Obamas, Pelosis and Reids in our government will not care and will be giving each other high fives for a job well done. 
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0 responses to “A Country on the Brink

  1. Great article, Tom. You managed to put in writing what I feel at this time. Is it just me, or has anyone noticed the almost overnight change in MSM’s attitude toward Barry? It seems almost as if a lightbulb has gone off for them. Is it just the Louisiana oil explosion, or do you think that maybe they are waking up to all the crap this administration is pulling??? There has been a different tone on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and I have heard that Matthews and disgusting Ed Schultz have offered criticisms as well.

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  3. Dave from Atlanta

    Tom, thanks for the great article. It is well-written and states, in a few short paragraphs, the reality that we, the citizens of the US, currently face. The current administration has become our enemy, and it is fast becoming ominously clear that an election date next fall may be too little too late.

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