A cougar as a pet

A Russian couple have a cougar as their pet in a highrise apartment.

They live in Penza, a city of more than 517,000 residents on the Sura River, 388 miles southeast of Moscow.

The couple adopted Messi from a petting zoo, and take Messi out for walks on a leash.

Messi’s pyjamas are cool. LOL


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I imagine Messi is an effective deterrent to potential muggers when out on walks. But those Russians, when they’re not interfering with our elections they’re adopting cougars



Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

That was just astonishing. It was unique not only to see their interaction with this big cat, but we actually got to see how these Russian’s live. It is hard to think that average Russian people would have the money to invest in this expensive a food regime for this animal. . . I guess I am stuck in thinking about the long “bread lines” that Russians used to have to stand in, or the pictures of grocery markets with shelf after shelf of nothing but empty space. What a wonderful post. Thank you so very much.


They had the bread lines when it was the communist paradise of the USSR

Steven Broiles

I like the Sphinx cat. I think this couple is taking a real reckless dare here; a cougar is a wild animal!

From what I’ve seen, only cheetahs are domesticable, if they are raised from whelping. And I am a cat lover.

This couple is crazy!