A convicted traitor whines: "US denies trans people’s rights"

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Bradley Manning
MSNBC: The civil rights of transgender Americans are violated in everyday interactions, Chelsea Manning argued in a new Op-Ed. 
Manning — the U.S. soldier formerly known as Bradley Manning who was convicted of espionage for leaking huge swaths of government documents to Wikileaks — wrote in an Op-Ed published in The Guardian on Monday that even ID and military service requirements present unfair obstacles to transgender Americans.
“We should all have the absolute and inalienable right to define ourselves,” Manning wrote in the article. “We should all be able to live as human beings — and to be recognized as such by the societies we live in. We shouldn’t have to keep defending our right to exist.”
Manning is currently serving out a 35-year prison sentence for perpetrating the largest government leak in U.S. history. The day after being sentenced, she came out as transgender through her lawyer. In September, Manning announced she would sue to have a gender reassignment surgery and, while in prison, she has regularly expressed her views — arguing for more wartime transparency and against the Syrian airstrikes — in the opinion pages of The New York Times and The Guardian.
“The fight for justice for the transgender community is largely invisible to our fellow citizens, despite the rampant systematic discrimination of trans people,” she writes, explaining that focusing on the legal and medical details of trans people creates obstacles, like setting them up for housing discrimination or forcing them to live “in secret” if they wish to join the military like Manning did.
For many in the trans community, just applying for basic identification documents is a hostile experience. You’re told you don’t belong because you don’t fit into one of the tiny boxes offered by the system,” she said, arguing that normative government forms exclude trans people and encourage discrimination. “Despite bureaucratic assumptions, we exist,” she said.
Manning describes her lengthy, costly effort to change her name and that despite “making it clear that I identify as female, and having two military psychiatrists recommend support for my transition, legally changing my name has no effect on the ‘legal’ gender status that the government imposes on me.”
Those legal structures favor the “high income, straight, white, cisgender people,” she argues, using a term that refers to those who feel their gender identity matches with their at-birth biological sex. “How can trans people change a system to which we don’t even have access? A doctor, a judge or a piece of paper shouldn’t have the power to tell someone who he or she is.”
Excuse me if I have no sympathy for this miserable traitor (and I’m being kind).

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0 responses to “A convicted traitor whines: "US denies trans people’s rights"

  1. You’re told you don’t belong because you don’t fit into one of the tiny boxes offered by the system,”
    Well, as for as many years as the earth is old (follow that?) there have been men, women, boys, girls=children, and animals of all kinds in 4 categories. Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians & Insects.
    Of course “IT” won’t fit in the tiny box offered by the system because God did not design it to BE that way!
    When are people going to get a clue? If you don;t follow the mandates of the Almighty…you just don’t fit the mold and won’t until you repent and turn from sin and follow His Word. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS God. Jesus was/is the Word made flesh. It’s His way or the highway…to hell.

    • In formerly-known-as-Bradley Manning’s case, the compound pronoun of s/he/it should be used… I’m sure many who’ve dealt with him would agree.

  2. They used to hang people(of both sexes) for treason…
    I wish they still did!

    • It was a kinder gentler world then, they also shot looters (and not with bean bags). We currently have a white house resident who has raised treason to a new unheard of level

  3. “We should all have the absolute and inalienable right to define ourselves,”
    Fine. but don’t be offended when others have narrower requirements for their jobs etc.

  4. “We should all be able to live as human beings — and to be recognized as such by the societies we live in.” …….ummmmmm, if you are born from a woman, you ARE a human being and therefore live as one

  5. Excellent post! I agree that this joker should have been shot. Instead the people of this country will end up spending millions keeping Manning for the next 35 years.

  6. First off, that thing is not a woman. Secondly, who gives a shit what it has to say??? This country has been ruined by fringe minority groups and the disgusting liberals who champion them. I thank God every day that I have more days behind me than in front of me, as watching the greatest country ever known fall to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Yobama is absolutely sickening.

  7. I was in the Army when some of these “gender” issues were just starting to come into play. The really big one when I was there was “the role of the female soldier”. At that time, even though by law, the military HAD to accept females into it, it was hotly contested inside the military. We were asking ourselves, “How can you give a girl the freedom to be a woman when you have to bath together, shit together, and sleep in the same place as each other?” Well, the answer is actually, “You can’t”. It’s up to the female to decide of they want to endure those kinds of conditions or not. Of course things have changed (a whole lot) since those days. (1977-1991)
    But THIS…. This does NOT please me to hear about. It all sounds like a great big steaming pile of crap to me. You know, the kind of shit that when you step in it, not only does it stick to everything it touches, it stinks to high heaven, so you can’t go ANYWHERE without being singled out. It just makes life miserable. And it sounds to me like this kid wants to make sure everyone is miserable, and he is going to go out of his way to insure that goal.

  8. Why is this treasonous POS still drawing breath?


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