A "classic American beauty"…

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That doesn’t know the definition of modesty.
Erin Wasson is a model and her website states, “Erin is the multifaceted beauty par excellenceA classic American beauty hailing from the great state of Texas, Wasson is one of modeling’s blue chip faces.  Her low-key and free-spirited sense of style has inspired many…”  Check out what this low-key sense of style gal wore to a Golden Globes after-party on Sunday night.  Below is a picture of her in her “dress”.
First of all, girlfriend needs a cheeseburger!  Secondly, what kind of woman walks out in public basically naked?  Granted, she’s got a beautiful face and is obviously cut out to be a model.  But wow, really?  Would you want your daughter, girlfriend, or wife to dress like this in public?  She’s basically wearing a wrap that should be seen on the beach, with a swimsuit on underneath.
I just hope young women and girls don’t see this and believe that this is “classic” American beauty.  Real beautiful women know when to put on some clothes!

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0 responses to “A "classic American beauty"…

  1. Cringeworthy…a friend would tell her it’s unbecoming
    and a gentleman would offer his jacket….

    • All too, too true, Dan!
      At 68 and the inheritor of aesthetic sensibilities from the Italian tradition, for me a woman should appear adequately fed, to the point where she is fleshed out proportionately. Anything less would make me feel she could not sustain vigourous lovemaking, and she should not have children until her body was nutritionally up to the task. Call me old-fashioned perhaps, but we too often have more regard for our farm and companion animals diets than we do our own, which is self-defeating. She is also a very poor mentor for aspiring younger women.

  2. She looks like the kind of daughter Cher really wanted. On the bright side, it’s pretty clear she doesn’t have any tatoos! LOL

  3. The poor girl doesn’t even need a training bra…
    Yeah, no tats on the front, whatcha wanna bet she has a tramp stamp on the backside…

  4. Guess no one ever told Erin Wasson that it’s not a good idea to display all your deficits for the world to see. Simon Cowell has bigger boobs.

  5. She needs to eat more.

  6. Dennis H. Bennett

    She looks bulemic to me, “starving” for someone to see her perfect “weight control regime”. There’s nothing to see here….only the tragedy of a very lost soul. How distasteful, no pun intended….

    • Since the camera famously puts on 10 lbs, imagine what this person actually looks like in person. Terry is right: Auschwitz! (with apologies to actual concentration camp victims).

  7. Johno@yahoo.com

    you are the most cynical and judgmental people I have ever encountered!

    • Why, THANK YOU! That means we actually have standards and common sense, and are not so intimidated by the PC Police as to not convey our opinions. Furthermore, since Diogenes was a Cynic, I am proud to be called one!
      By the way, do you realize you just committed the famous Mannheim’s logical Paradox? You just accused us of being “judgmental” — as if that’s some crime — but your very accusation itself is “judgmental”. Tssk, tssk.

    • So Johno…you approve of a woman dressing like this in public? Shame on you and I feel sorry for any females in your life that you would not say something to them if they chose to dress this way.
      Heaven forbid a woman, or us, have any standards of modesty.

    • Dennis H. Bennett

      It’s OK Johno…you can’t see your own cynicism and judgementalism until you’ve first “seen it” in someone else. At least you’re getting off on the Left foot. If only it wasn’t for THEM…………!

  8. I’d say you’d have more fun with one of those blow up Halloween skeletons. ROFL!


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