A candidate for the stupid voter

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“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill


Martin O’Malley
Former Governor of Maryland

Remember the “beef cake” picture of Obama at the beach?

Remember how the crones on “The View” became dizzy and how Chris Matthews got “tingly?”

obama-beach-pictureI am stifling a gag as I post this piece. Please note that this is the former governor of Maryland, who’s city of Baltimore hosted the ugliest race riots since Rodney King, and who’s leftist policies set up the conditions that caused them.
Ted and BarryYes, he’s white and has an Irish name. But before you start feeling safe, remember another white guy white an Irish name who endorsed Barack Obama in his first run for president.
America, brace yourselves for an onslaught of the stupidest reasons imaginable to vote for a presidential candidate.

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0 responses to “A candidate for the stupid voter

  1. First, we’re told Hillary for Prez 2016 is because she’s a womyn. Now the drumbeat is for O’Malley because of his beefcake naked torso.
    Moral: Never underestimate the mindless and utter shallowness of American voters.

  2. Yeah, because that “beef cake” criteria has done so well for us recently….

  3. I don’t disagree, but watch out for the Repub selection, too.

  4. I’ll admit it, it’s probably just me, everything this Resident does arouses suspicion and anger in me…. but does that photo of him in the surf look ‘shopped to anyone else?
    I mean, we know he’s a smoker, he’s been a total doper much of his life, and anyone who’s seen his athletic prowess [cough-cough] knows that he comes across as a flaming pansy…. so how does all that add up to such a neatly trim athletic body??
    I’d love to see a really large version of that photo and examine the area around his face; in that small version, it doesn’t seem to be a perfect match to me, although that could also be an effect from image reduction.
    But like I say, it’s probably just me, every time I see him in the news anymore, I have that sick and twitchy feeling as if I’m overloaded on caffeine….

  5. LOL!

  6. I am with j.Case, not exactly beefcake. The picture was taken a few years ago when he carried a few more pounds, but a beefcake, it does not make. Kind of like I need some Pepto right now.
    As for O’Malley, nope, not him either, he travels very far left and seems to be a show boater and his rants and denigrations are a turn off. A man of no substance. Wouldn’t expect anything worthy of what the country deserves out of him.

  7. Coming up next: Transsexual gay porn stars who are into witchcraft running for President. (BARF.)


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