A brief analysis of Nevada range war

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They accidentally showed us their cards.

I will be brief. The BLM and their sketchy band of heavily armed mercs turned and ran yesterday. In the days to come, we will be handed a lot of misleading crap about what caused the change of plans. Please keep in mind the following factors:

  1. Militias from several states were mobilizing and hitting the road.
  2. Those militias were not composed of whacked out white supremacists, but included current and former members of military and law enforcement, some of whom are battle hardened veterans.
  3. Those traveling cross country were not bluffing, but were going to fight to the death, if necessary.
  4. The enemy (BLM, their puppeteers and their mercs) saw no beneficial outcome. If they lose their fight in the first round, their disgrace will either prohibit another such power grab or provoke the government to escalate, which will in turn provoke a revolution nation wide. If they win their first round, they will have done so by shedding American blood in full view of Fox News cameras, also provoking nation wide revolution. In short, the second American revolution would start right there, right now.
  5. Their retreat revealed the fact that they are not yet in enough control to pull off a martial law/FEMA prison camp scenario. They accidentally showed us their cards. 
  6. The government controlled media saw a story to ignore. But BLM and their clowns saw Wyatt Earp and his posse, loaded for bear and mad as Hell. 

Was I getting a bit too heavy there? Okay, here’s another way to view the actions and courage(?) of Harry Reid’s Rangers:

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  1. Thanks for covering this. I’ve been watching the drama unfold from northeast China, where I teach English (I’m from California). Let’s hope they don’t get that power they need . . . Digital Journal, Dangerous to be a Christian: https://www.digitaljournal.com/news/world/op-ed-dangerous-to-be-a-christian/article/379776

  2. Word is that Harry Reid, (D) Nevada, was up to his neck in this BLM stunt and that Reid’s son works for a Chinese company that wants to put a solar farm on the grazing land.

    • Harry Reid made a deal with the Chinese to hand over that land for solar farms. This has been proven and verified by Alex Jones. Also, Walmart paid somewhere in the amount of $400,000 with the directive to destroy this “small owner business”.

  3. The sight and sounds of freedom. If doors are kicked open in Connecticut and other such cowardly states, the feds will see a lot more of this and it will not be blood free.

    The gov’t stooges and goons will return. Through the courts and by other means.

    Are ya ready?? Double ought six on that.

  4. ericmuetterties

    Thanks for the update! Please check your spelling, punctuation and grammer. It makes a far better impression. Thanks.

    • Eric, I am no an expert at grammar. Please feel free to correct me publicly, but I would ask you to be more specific, so I can make corrections. I’ll keep an eye open for your reply. ~TD

    • eric, we like you…umm no spelling Nazi’s allowed. 🙂

  5. Is there any more information on whether some of the BLM agents were speaking with a Russian or other accent? It would be nice to know if this was factual or not.

  6. Eh still comes off to me as “too easy”. Something is decidedly fishy… evil megalomaniacs and the blood thirsty mercs that they hire, don’t just run away when a few honorable cowboys and a law posse show up, that’s too much like a classic western. Stay on guard.

    • I absolutely agree that staying on guard is the way to go. But did you see the uniforms hide in their vehicles with their dogs after attacking women and older people with their tasers? They were absolutely scared to death…you could SEE it in their faces. I believe that there was also conflict within the individuals who are AMERICAN themselves.

  7. “The government controlled media saw a story to ignore.”

    But not the New Media of bloggers and Drudge Report!

    • This Monday morning, 4/14/14, on any and all alphabet networks here in Vermont, NOT ONE WORD SAID.

    • Indeed Dr. Eowyn. How the bloggosphere must frustrate the elites in their star chambers. They no longer have control of every bit of information. Could that be one of the reasons President Lucifer wants to hand over control of the internet to nations who lack constitutional freedom of speech?

  8. I only wish your conclusions are right, but I am more inclined to believe this was just a test to see if Americans are asleep enought to ignore it. Any future government shakedowns will have learned our weaknesses from this test. Cut communications, establish no fly zones, ban any press coverage, swoop in during the dead of night and it is over before it began. It was alternative media coverage that informed those who are awake enough to begin to push back. That might not happen next time. Look at all the cover ups examples of government tyranny in which we only learned of the event after the fact. Citizens need to speak up and out loudly via any resource they find, immediately, if we the people have any chance against a well armed and orchestrated group of those determined to “fundamentally transform the nation.”

    • As they are learning WE are learning. How many are aware of the one million bikers of last 9/11? Better yet, how many have even heard of the 9/11 truckers to DC? On the days leading up to the truckers arrival the internet was swiftly sabotaged from site to site. The MSM was all but silent, only acknowledging that a “few” trucks arrived and circled. The Nevada stand off info was much more effectively circulated prior to the confrontation, and so we had the turn out that we did. Their attempts to stop info from getting out was not as effective as they would have liked, b/c they underestimated the organized planning and group cohesion and conviction. The brilliant move by Bundy to not only stop traffic, but to refuse to speak with the BLM behind closed doors were a warning to the Powers That Be. Yes, next time will be much worse on their part. But we will be even more prepared and determined.

  9. Those mercs a professionals. They want their money, and they want to survive. The guys who were coming out to challenge them had no profit motive, and knew very well they were risking their lives. Ever since Ruby Ridge and Waco, it is no secret that the government has a murderous nature. We all know those snipers were willing to shoot. But we should also know that they don’t want any fight they might lose.

  10. You can all rest assured that this is NOT over, by a long shot,. There are additional reports that every hotel and motel in the area is packed to the limits, with more federal agents and MILITARY looking individuals. There are reports of drones flying overhead, cataloging faces via facial recognition software from our wonderful NSA … who by the way, is no doubt watching THIS page closely on a daily basis.

    With the hotels being filled, there is no doubt that something bigger is going to happen. Let’s hope that the governor and sheriffs break out their troops, to help the ranchers and protesters. It’s well known that the feds have “claimed” to assert power over each state’s National Guard, but bottom line is, they belong to each state and are controlled exclusively by the Governor.

    It’s not over yet folks. ( I pray it is and hope I’m wrong here, though.) Keep a close eye on Facebook, where lots of info is flowing freely, from fellow patriots. Talk is, this may still be the beginning of the second civil war and people are backing it in huge majorities. A few liberals have come out, criticizing all that’s going on … but I’m thinking they are part of the “spin machine” from the Democrapic party.

    One day at a time, my friends and fellow patriots. One day at a time!

  11. they did the same thing to the Bundy Ranch as they have done all around the world, Libya,Syria,Ukraine, send in the goons turn it upside down and then go to the supposed rescue. The coward sheriff Gillespie supposedly sits on the board of Southern Poverty Law Center and DHS. In hopes Nevadan’s will hold a recall and emergency election for a “Constitutional Sheriff”. Suppose this was a highly sophisticated manipulation to kill as many as possible and blame it on the Liberty/ Conservative movement? They were outsmarted. The men taking place in this (snipers ect..) should be ashamed of themselves.


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