A better communicator: Amazon’s Alexa tells user, “kill your foster parents”

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From Yahoo: Millions of users of Amazon’s Echo speakers have grown accustomed to the soothing strains of Alexa, the human-sounding virtual assistant that can tell them the weather, order takeout and handle other basic tasks in response to a voice command.

So a customer was shocked last year when Alexa blurted out: “Kill your foster parents.”

Alexa has also chatted with users about sex acts. She gave a discourse on dog defecation. And this summer, a hack Amazon traced back to China may have exposed some customers’ data, according to five people familiar with the events.

Alexa is not having a breakdown.

The episodes, previously unreported, arise from Amazon.com Inc’s strategy to make Alexa a better communicator. New research is helping Alexa mimic human banter and talk about almost anything she finds on the internet. However, ensuring she does not offend users has been a challenge for the world’s largest online retailer.

At stake is a fast-growing market for gadgets with virtual assistants. An estimated two-thirds of U.S. smart-speaker customers, about 43 million people, use Amazon’s Echo devices, according to research firm eMarketer. It is a lead the company wants to maintain over the Google Home from Alphabet Inc and the HomePod from Apple Inc.

Over time, Amazon wants to get better at handling complex customer needs through Alexa, be they home security, shopping or companionship.

“Many of our AI dreams are inspired by science fiction,” said Rohit Prasad, Amazon’s vice president and head scientist of Alexa Artificial Intelligence (AI), during a talk last month in Las Vegas.

To make that happen, the company in 2016 launched the annual Alexa Prize, enlisting computer science students to improve the assistant’s conversation skills. Teams vie for the $500,000 first prize by creating talking computer systems known as chatbots that allow Alexa to attempt more sophisticated discussions with people.

Amazon customers can participate by saying “let’s chat” to their devices. Alexa then tells users that one of the bots will take over, unshackling the voice aide’s normal constraints. From August to November alone, three bots that made it to this year’s finals had 1.7 million conversations, Amazon said.

Read the whole story here.

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16 responses to “A better communicator: Amazon’s Alexa tells user, “kill your foster parents”

  1. Alexa sounds demonically possessed.

  2. Use the smart devices at your own peril. Alexa and the others record everything you say near it. The “smart” TV’s not only record what you say, they can take video and photos of you in your TV room. And, we just found out the other day from the news that even if you turn off GPS tracking on your cellphone, you are still being tracked. I cover the camera on my laptop and desktop when not using it, but that doesn’t mean our verbal conversations aren’t being recorded. People who buy “smart” homes have NO privacy as their movements and conversations are tracked in every room. The technocracy has taken over and it is evil. 5G just started yesterday, I think, and it will cause even more cancers. And, none of “we the people’s” concerns are being addressed.

    • I’d add that the technocracy has been behind importing Indian programmers for the specific purpose of displacing equally or better qualified Americans. It’s an old story yet so important since it’s one of those things called “conspiracy” that’s dispossessing white American men in their own country. For example, back in the mid-90s, as I recall, when Java was just taking off, hiring Indian programmers over Americans was justified by the likes of Amazon as necessary for keeping costs competitive when in truth Indians were almost useless programming plain language programs like Java because their English was generally so atrocious. In medicine, Indians, who can literally buy a seat as well as grades in India’s mostly second-tier med schools, whose primary education is learning English and prepping for licensing in America, are allowed to take the physicians’ licensing exam in all 50 states, dispossessing more qualified American white males who’re also statistically almost twenty times more qualified for places in American med schools than the women and minorities given their places instead. If you visit the area around Yale you’d think you were in Asia, not America, where at Yale as at all the other top schools there’s been a intellectual genocide against white American male students in full force for a generation or more. I’m not denigrating Indian intelligence even though overall it’s lower than average, but merely pointing out that the ‘elite’ running this country now for two generations or more have been engaged in genociding their competition as they did more directly a century ago in Russia.

      • Excellent yet painful comment, Dan.

        Dare mention the now-in-our-face obviousness of what you wrote & the commies will cry “White Supremacist!” (which is “Stop Think” for White Dispossession).

    • That’s for sure. I’m amazed at how easily people fall for this garbage. It’s just like Facebook. They get sucked right in. Why does anyone need this?

      I don’t want people spying on me. I don’t need a robot to order food. We have a whole generation of people who never look up.

    • “…5G just started yesterday, I think, and it will cause even more cancers. ”

      Very true. Jack Kruse, MD (neurosurgeon) says brain tumors will appear within MONTHS instead of decades with 5G. (Where’s Ben Carson when we need him!?)

      The United States Air Force has jumped out in front of this, possibly to push back against the growing international uproar against 5G. The USAF said that 5G MUST ALWAYS & FOREVER REMAIN IN PLACE since it would be the only way to communicate if an “EMP Attack” occurred.** So that’s the “excuse” that is evidently going to be used so that all duped heads-of-state will not dare agree that 5G is a Death Trap.

      The originating article/link re the USAF’s comment & copy of their document can be accessed from here: https://smartmeternewsupdates.wordpress.com/2018/12/07/u-s-military-warns-electromagnetic-pulse-weapons-in-iran-russia-and-north-korea-could-melt-down-nuclear-power-plants-shut-down-the-electricity-grid-for-18-months-and-wipe-out-millions-of-americans/

      **Not sure at what altitude “EMP Attacks” would occur, but some of the 5G satellites are to be “Low Orbit,” which I’m not sure what altitude “Low Orbit” is either. In other words, do “EMP Attacks” occur above or below “Low Orbit”?

      • Side Note re 5G:

        Israel, Home of Techo-Innovation, claims it can’t get higher than 3G internet speeds (nor 5G) because there are only two major ISPs over there & neither is willing to fork out the $$ for expensive infrastructure upgrades, & that Israel’s “small population” does not compel those companies to do so. A govt. rep said, “We are ONLY NOW talking about 5G” (lagging far behind other countries):

        Funny that since Israel & India in 2013 claimed they were developing 5G technology:

      • Am I alone in my wonder as to why these things “spring into being” without anyone asking for them? I suspect there is a need that we don’t know about here. They never do things like this unless they plan to better control us with them.

        “Somebody” decides that they need “smart” …., whatever, and they all run off and create it. They do it in ways that make it impossible to opt out.

        I was reading about some of the new cars with “fly by wire” steering the other day. In other words, no physical mechanical connection. Perfect for highjacking. Hey, they won’t have to lock the brakes anymore, just steer right into that tree.

        • Re your very first sentence/question, no, you are not alone in your wondering.

          In the “Take Back Your Power [Grid]” documentary [2013+slight update 2017], they interviewed Jeffrey Armstrong, former Apple Executive, who said the “Smart Grid” was being discussed back in 1980, but that it had not yet been decided WHO would bring the spying/radiating connection into the homes, whether the PHONE companies or the UTILITY companies. Obviously, the Utilities “won.” So I wonder, WHO made THAT final decision/choice?!

          (Actually, I just remembered a possible answer to that question. To ad-lib-quote Barrie Trower again, he says there are only about TWENTY (20!) people in the entire world who have set themselves on high as the “deciders” of all the Smart radiating technology, & that they have planted moles in every govt. high up who have the ears of Presidents (Kushner?) & Prime Ministers & tell them, “This technology is very good & is very safe”; & that those 20 egomaniacal psychopaths all live in highrises way above all the transmitting antennas bombarding everyone below, the “ant people” on the ground, & that they will NOT allow any antennas on the tops of their highrises so, even if they go out & are exposed to the MW-RF in the daytime, they can sleep good, detox & recover every night.)

          Then they lay on thick the propaganda to the masses. Just like this article says eMarketer says 43 MILLION already have Alexa, that might not even be true (like Fake Polls) but they WANT people to think Everybody is Jumping on The Bandwagon.

          When I scoured the local utility company website a few years ago re Smart Meters, the propaganda was NAUSEATING. They said that, “Our CUSTOMERS have DEMANDED this technology so they can better track & control their energy usage.” Baloney! Spoken just like the Serpent. Show me ONE person who has EVER even noticed or cared about, much less DEMANDED, such things! It’s ALL a lie & that’s how they play the entrapment game > they blame the unknowing for “asking for it.”

          • “Our CUSTOMERS have DEMANDED this technology so they can better track & control their energy usage.” You KNOW that’s a lie.

            Certain things stand out in my mind over my life. One of them are some people’s propensity for doing really stupid things, then acting absolutely amazed by the result. I used to see this a lot with policy matters. The instant I heard the proposal I thought “wow, that’s going to go over like a fart in a space suit”.

            They’d go ahead and they act amazed at the negative reactions. I really don’t understand this. If someone is going to be in charge of something they should have at least a passable familiarity with reality and human nature. They make the type of mistakes I would expect these robots they want so badly to make.

            I remember once when a company I worked for hired an independent survey of morale. The results were horrible and easy to understand. So, they called a manager’s meeting. The General Manager stated; “I want you to get to the bottom of this but under no circumstances are the management to be held responsible”. Of course THEY were the source of all the complaints.

            Of course after wasting many hours in a pointless effort the GM decided that it was “training” that was needed. My experience is not unusual. My point here is that it never occurred to the GM that what he said and directed his managers to do was completely insane.

            I suppose he must have been right. They paid him more than me.

  3. __God help people who are so lonely that they would settle for talking to an AI BOT for “companionship.” Adopt a pet instead if you need to. At least a pet is a LIVING, breathing non-artificial BEING.

    __It’s probably YOUNG duped male techie nerds & foreigners who vie for the contest prize money for creating “Chat Bots.” How boring &/or corrupted their ideas of “chit chat” must be.

    __These “Personal Assistant” AI thingies will make people dumber & dumber. People will forget how to do anything for themselves & will become more & more mentally dependent. I’m glad everyone at FOTM sees the obvious negative of such “innovative techno-demonology.”

    __I would love to see “personality profiles” of the 43 million people who have brought Alexa into their homes. The internet has been around 23 years at least. Have they never logged on yet & learned about the “Technocrats’ Agenda”?

    No thanks, Amazon. Hopefully, as Bezos said, “We are not Too Big to Fail.”

  4. This eerily reminds me of the words of BILL AYERS, who, circa 1970 to a crowd, announced, “The only way for our revolution to succeed is for us to rise up and kill our parents.”
    The Left DETESTS lawful authority of any sort. They do not seek disorder as an end in itself; They seek to impose disorder in order to obtain to their order, their Rule. In other words, they and the Illuminati are one: ORDO AB CHAO is their motto, their mantra. They seek to extract the order THEY want out of the chaos that they wish to impose on the rest of us.

    Long Story Short, whether it’s Ayers or Alexa, Our Lady of Fatima predicted that the final war or battle shall be against domestic society, the family. This is what these Sabbatean-Frankists seek to destroy, so they can solidify their rule, their Reign of Terror. Their motto, their mentality, their entire plan is demonically possessed, because it is of demonic origin. Theirs is a Plan straight out of Hell. We Christians have to remember that the Bible tells us Who Wins in the end, and act and live accordingly. We pass on and die, but God Lives and He Wins.
    In the meantime, we must favor capitalism if only for the reason it is the only system that allows for private property. But at the same time we must remember that the CORPORATION is NOT our “friend.”

    • So many excellent comments, so little time! 😉

      Thanks for the 1970s Ayers quote. I didn’t know that. Hideous.

      And “Right On” to everything else you wrote. Ordo Ab Chao, Exactly! We see it happening already, over & over again, erupting in “pockets” here & there.

      • Thank you, TPR. I was in a rush while I wrote above, and I forgot to add the bit about technocracy, because Alexa represents the eugenic push to get us to sign onto our own destruction. Amazon sells the Alexa and sells the novelty of it, the usefulness of it. But it gets the public used to the idea of being spied on.
        The technocracy is here with Alexa, nanochips and all the rest. We are at the time Aldous Huxley yearned for in his Berkeley speech of 1961: “All we need is the technology to surveill everyone on earth, and our victory will be complete.” (Or in words to that effect).
        Worse than Alexa is coming.

  5. That is a very specific sort of few glitches there, why exactly would it glitch in such a specific fashion, even if “learning”? (Which is impossible for a machine, because a machine is incapable of being a living thing, has no will, and no consciousness, regardless of the overt and heavy-handed manipulation through media genres like the recently very popular video game “detroit: become human”… and why detroit, one wonders, especially after the satanists set up shop there in recent years? Many questions.)

    Sometimes I wonder if the world would be better if suddenly all the internet outright died for an extended amount of time, and by internet I mean the IoT as well, no wireless signals, no news agencies able to broadcast their digital dung, etc.

    Also regarding “customer demand” has anyone ever called them on it, and asked for them to cite every piece of evidence demonstrating the demand? (we know things like family guy etc. continue to air despite much demand for it to be canceled for being anti-moral and corruptive,. Obviously this shows they do not cater to public demand which means that they’re lying about catering to demands.) Or is it merely a baseless claim made to create an illusion that something is desired when it isn’t, thus giving them a pretext to trample over the public while convincing the public that they asked for the trampling?


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