A Beautiful Peacock That Isn’t…Illusion. Have Fun.

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Today I bring you this beautiful Peacock made by Cecelia Webber. Your assignment is to spot the illusion without me explaining any further.   😆

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Keep staring, It’s There…




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0 responses to “A Beautiful Peacock That Isn’t…Illusion. Have Fun.

  1. Each “eyespot” in the peacock’s tail feathers — and the “eye” of the “peacock” — is actually a woman sitting with her head bent down, her hands wrapped around her knees and legs.

  2. the peacock itself is an arm. the feathers are (to me) look like part of a fir tree’s needles. I would say the other part of it looks like popcorn but it looks like someone bent over with a little nude booty showing. (grin)

    • Peacock ..arm good, and ,,
      Popcorn ..little booties good, which I just figured this AM. Have had this 2 weeks. Almost there.

    • If you have an arm…what’s at the end of the arm?

      • The beak is the lady’s legs. It resembles one of lady’s head bent over her knees. The beak are her legs and her dress makes up part of the head. That’s about what I got… I hope that helps. :o)

        fyi… it looks like I have to keep logging into wordpress just to post comments now. I never had to do that before.

        • surfer, you got it.
          As far as wordpress there may be something up.
          I used another email acct to signup and follow. I’ve gotten 2 posts out of 4 and no comments. They all go to spam even though I tell the email it’s not spam..hmm, something rotten in Denmark maybe.

  3. Steph, good for you..

  4. I see the neck as an arm and the head has a human hand, the body looks like several pears stacked up to me.

  5. 😆 You say “tomatoes,I say tomatos,”
    You say Booties, I say Naked Butts” 😆


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