A 12-Year-Old Music Prodigy Named Blue Jay

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His name is Jay Greenberg, but he prefers to be called Blue Jay.
By age 8, he’d already composed 5 pieces of symphonic works — what other composers achieve in a lifetime.
The music comes into Blue Jay’s head, involuntarily, at the speed of lightning as a finished tune. Sometimes, several tunes come into his head at once.
Talent such as his comes from God….

Blue Jay is a reminder to us, in our bleak times, of the wonders of God.
A big h/t to our beloved Joseph.

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6 responses to “A 12-Year-Old Music Prodigy Named Blue Jay

  1. I find your website amusing.
    you:”the left is evil, muslims are evil, conservative is good. etc etc etc.”
    If you really believe in god, then why are you spreading ignorance and hatred?

    • Dear “george soros”:
      I find you most amusing. You must be a simpleton because you cannot even make the elemental distinction between information-knowledge vs. “ignorance-hatred.” Tssk, tssk.
      You are also off topic. This post is about Blue Jay, the child prodigy. Shame on you for trying to hijack my post.

    • Apparently you are completely ignorant of 14 centries of Islamic history.
      Why are we not surprised?

  2. That kid has a bright future ahead of him.

  3. Wow…this kid is a treasure . What a blessing! I finally have a bit of understanding of how some of the greats could compose (I was inclined to
    attribute it to a mathematical progression) and now to witness some of the creativity that’s obviously on loan from God.

  4. Maybe he is hearing the music of the Angels…Some people are just presents from God…


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