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Sandy Hookish: A patchwork quilt of charitable concerns.

Note: This article is based on collaborative research by Anne Berg, Alison Maynard and the author. Please note that extensive research, much of which is not included here, turned up surprising connections between places and people. Some may be merely … Continue reading


Somebody who really died after Sandy Hook.

A friend sent me a story last week about a Bridgeport, CT woman in her thirties who recently lit up a quarter-stick of dynamite. Allegedly, she was rummaging in her basement for alternative lighting during a power outage and mistook … Continue reading


Wolfgang Halbig has stunning evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed months before ‘massacre’

We are told that on December 14, 2012, a lone gunman, Adam Lanza, went to Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, Connecticut, where in the space of 11 minutes, shot and killed 20 first-graders and 6 adults. We are … Continue reading


Danbury Hospital sent message about Sandy Hook 48 min. before police received first 911 call

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 13:01:18 +0000 eowyn2 According to the Newtown police’s timeline of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) on the morning of December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut: 9:35:39 – First 911 call to Newtown … Continue reading


Hillary Clinton uses Sandy Hook false flag to push for gun control

As predicted, in her acceptance speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, gun control is Hillary Clinton’s solution for the violence in our streets. And as predicted, she made use of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting massacre that took … Continue reading


Florida Atlantic U. fired James Tracy for Sandy Hook, but supports professor advocating Sharia law and cutting off of hands

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton is that august institution of higher education that used a trivial administrative excuse — that he failed to submit a form to his college dean in a timely manner — to fire a … Continue reading


Sandy Hook: The curious case of Adam Lanza’s ex-con funeral director

This is a re-publish of a post that was taken down by WordPress in the dark of the early morning hours of August 15, 2018, along with tens of thousands of other FOTM posts. Adam Lanza was the 20-year-old alleged … Continue reading


Hate mail and death threats sent to Prof. James Tracy for being a Sandy Hook skeptic

Tue, 29 Dec 2015 01:28:55 +0000 eowyn2 On December 11, 2015, 3 days before the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting the (Florida) Sun-Sentinel published an op/ed by Lenny and Veronique Pozner, titled “Sandy Hook Massacre 3rd Anniversary: … Continue reading


Nationwide Media Blackout on Amazon’s Ban of ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’

Add to the nationwide media blackout the fact that Alex Jones’ InfoWars took down its post on’s suppression of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. See: In order that Americans know the truth about Sandy Hook, Fetzer has … Continue reading


The hounding of Sandy Hook skeptics: Halbig threatened; bans 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook'

If you still believe the Sandy Hook school massacre of December 14, 2012 is real, please read this post and ask yourself why the skeptics are being threatened, stalked, and their book now censored by The Hounding of Wolfgang … Continue reading