Why Do Progressives and Democrats Hate America?

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Why Do Progressives and Democrats Hate America?

It’s a loaded question, I know. But please, bear with me for just a moment and put aside all the rhetoric you’ve heard about political correctness. I ask only that you approach the question from a position of pure logic.

Progressives and Democrats want to change America. That’s no secret. They boast about it openly, and base their political campaigns entirely on the premise of change. I’m sure we agree so far.

Now consider this: Why does anyone want to change anything unless they’re unhappy with it? If you’re happy with your job, would you change? If you loved your dog, would you trade him in for a new model? How about your spouse? Does anyone ever leave their spouse who isn’t tremendously unhappy and no longer in love?

I’m sure we can also agree that change stems from disappointment and unhappiness.

Now back to America. Your children won’t hear it from their teachers or read about it their school books, and you certainly won’t see it in your newspaper or anywhere on television, but the United States of America has done more good for more people than all the other countries of the world put together.

America began as a haven for those seeking religious freedom and fought a war to preserve that freedom.

America fought a war to end slavery and won. (Democrats supported slavery. Republicans opposed it. After the war, the defeated Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan. Funny how white Americans today are still blamed for the slavery of a hundred and fifty years ago, yet never thanked for sacrificing their lives in order to end slavery.)

America won two World Wars, and put an end to Hitler’s socialist Nazi party.

America stemmed the tide of communism and provided safety for thousands of Vietnamese refugees who would have been murdered by the communists of North Vietnam.

For centuries, America has given freedom and hope to the oppressed; hope and joy to the suffering; and liberty and opportunity to people of all races and nationalities. The proof of her greatness can be found every day in the millions of immigrants who flock to her shores seeking the freedom that America offers.

Yet Progressives and Democrats want to change America. Doesn’t that make you just a slight bit suspicious?

Indeed, Progressives and Democrats want not just to change America, but to fundamentally transform it. And they seek to do so under an ideology that has killed more people in the last one hundred years than have died in all the wars in the history of the world combined: Socialism.

Socialism under Hitler murdered millions and set the entire world at war.

Socialism under Stalin murdered upwards of forty million people.

Socialism under Mao murdered over sixty million people.

Socialism under Castro continues to murder people today.

Everywhere socialism goes, it kills.

Yet Socialism is what Progressives and Democrats want for America. Doesn’t THAT make you a tad bit suspicious?

Just what could cause so many people to despise a country so great as America? Let’s examine the question a little more closely.

Have you ever seen a man get rejected by a beautiful woman? At first, he criticizes her, looking for whatever flaws he can find, then he despises her, and eventually he hates her. Why? Because he can’t have her. His hatred is actually a form of self-hatred. He feels unworthy of the woman who rejected him and projects his hate onto her and others. His future attempts at seduction become a means of revenge, a perverted attempt to escape his own self-loathing.

The same thing happens when a woman is rejected by a man. There’s a reason why William Congrave wrote the famous words “nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” The scorned woman condemns and sets out to destroy the man she cannot have. Like the rejected man, she suffers from extreme self-hatred. It’s self-hatred that fuels feminism and its constant attacks on heterosexual men. If we can’t have them, we’ll destroy them.

Progressives and Democrats are no different in their hatred of America.

America was born a religious, God-loving country and it remains so today. Progressives and Democrats, on the other hand, have rejected God and embraced lives of sin. They support and encourage abortion, racism, intolerance, promiscuity, homosexuality, government theft, and a host of other ills, and then project the guilt and self-hatred they feel for embracing these sins onto a hatred of America and its religious heritage. Because Progressives and Democrats falsely believe that God has rejected them, they reject God.

America has offered opportunity and economic freedom to anyone who is willing to risk and work hard. Progressives and Democrats have risked once or twice in their lives, failed, and are now terrified at the prospect of competing with other risk-takers. Their fear leads to a sense of entitlement that extends to food stamps, housing allowances, “free” health care, and personal and corporate welfare. The stronger their self-hatred, the stronger they feel they are above hard work. They hate America, because it reminds them of their own failures to provide for themselves and their families.

America stands for strength, independence, honor, and compassion. Progressives and Democrats are so frightened by life and have developed such a dependence on government for survival, that they have lost all of these qualities. And they hate themselves for it.

No self-respecting man can call himself a man if he’s beholden to government entitlements for his survival. Progressive and Democrat men know this and they hate themselves for it.

No self-respecting woman can call herself a woman if she rejects the honor and compassion of motherhood by embracing abortion and feminism. Progressive and Democrat women know this and they hate themselves for it.

Together, Progressive and Democrat men and women hate America, because it reminds them of all the positive qualities of strength, self-reliance, and kindness they lack the courage to develop in themselves. Like rebellious children who must depend on their parents for survival, but hate their parents because of it, Progressives and Democrats live in a state of suspended adolescence, forever running from the responsibility of motherhood, fatherhood, and limited government.

They hate America, because they hate themselves.

Which brings us to socialism.

Progressives and Democrats embrace socialism, because it represents everything they long for: the complete eradication of the individual. With all of society reduced to lowly pawns, they no longer have to fear being reminded of their own inadequacies. Everyone can be as miserable as they are. Everyone can feel the self-hatred they feel.

With no one to remind them of their sins, Progressives and Democrats believe their guilt and intense self-hatred will finally be removed. What they fail to realize is that the solution to all their ills lies within them. By embracing America, they can embrace God. And by embracing God, they can eliminate their guilt, their self-hatred, and all the factors that contribute to their misery. It’s a solution so simple and so easy that their own leaders are forced to spend billions of dollars, and destroy millions of lives in order to hide it from them.

If you support Progressivism or the Democratic Party, then you also support socialism. And if you support socialism, then, by definition, you also support the socialism of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and many others. Is that something you can live with? Are you ready and willing to forgive yourself and return to the One who calls you?

He’s waiting. He’s been waiting. The first step is simply to say, “Please, God, forgive me…”

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0 responses to “Why Do Progressives and Democrats Hate America?

  1. Why Do Progressives and Democrats Hate America?

    Because they are stinking commie pukes – PERIOD.

    Sorry, but that’s about as logical as it gets for me on a Saturday night. 😉


    • Liberals love this country even more than you idiot right wingers do. We just know it’s not perfect and are capable of critical thinking.

      • Liberals love America and are capable of critical thinking?

        Please read: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2013/12/29/are-you-a-useful-idiot/

      • “…capable of critical thinking.”
        You mean like the geniuses on The View?

      • sickofpoliticallies

        Know this is a couple of years old, but wow, that’s quite a dumb response. “We love it more than you idiot right wingers”. So anybody who doesn’t agree with you is an idiot right winger. And you probably support the tearing down of memorials, which by definition is vandalism. So where’s the love there?

        I see the liberals doing FAR more to destroy this country than Republicans. The right are NOT innocent by any means, but Obama did far more to destroy this country than any other before him. And had Hillary won? I can guarantee you we’d have had a civil war by now because she would have continued trying to destroy the USA.

        I believe, as you can tell, that Obama was the worst president of all time. Know who number 2 is? Bush Jr. I was shocked Obama beat out Jr, but he did. And he got HOW many of our troops killed?

        Military plan is made
        Obama goes on TV before operation is carried out
        “We’re going to invade this city at this time at this date!”

        Tell me how that’s a smart idea at all.

        Oh, and by the way, I’m independent because I despise both parties. Liberals have more hate from me though because they either A. Can’t see how idiotic they’re being and how they’re destroying the country you claim they love, or B. They don’t give a rat’s ass that they’re destroying the country you claim they love. This is true for many Republicans, again, I admit, but it is undeniably fact that Liberals are far worse/more active at trying to take out the USA.

  2. ericmuetterties

    Well spoken truth. I am a go-getter and I love that I can do that. Takers do not understand that and you can see that they almost hate you for following your passion and taking the risk.

  3. I can ask you the same question – why do you want to strip away constitutional rights, return to Jim Crow?, remove religious rights from the First Amendment, create abortion police. Your quest for rights actually extends only to yourselves and any one else can die in the streets. Today some asshole (probably one of yours) wanted to attack me because I was slow pushing my cart ahead of him, ignoring the fact that I only have one working leg, That is what your philosophy really admires.

    • No where in Mike’s post does he suggest, much less advocate, stripping away anyone’s constitutional rights to return to Jim Crow. You and your comment illustrate what the Left is so skillful at: psychological projection. By your choice of “arnold friend” as your alias — Arnold Friend being the alias of the Devil in one of Joyce Carol Oates’ novels — you also exemplify Mike’s diagnosis of what fundamentally ails you, which is your hatred for the Triune God.

    • You must have fallen victim to the Left’s Lies. It isn’t hard to do, because they control mainstream media. But it is the Left that have been working hard for decades to take away rights and even practice eugenics. Please see https://www.black-and-right.com/the-democrat-race-lie/ for absolute proof of which side has always been racist, classist, elitist, etc.

    • I hate to break this to you, troll, but it is the Kenyan Boy Blunder that is trying to strip away constitutional rights.

      Have you not been paying attention?

      BTW, government-educated dumbass, Jim Crow laws were written and voted into existence by DEMOCRATS.

      Now run on back to Kos, as it’s time for George Soros’ wax job – and you know how cranky he gets if he doesn’t get it on time.

      Better take your patch kit and an air pump, too – just in case Markos’ anatomically correct Obama blow-up doll has sprung a leak.


    • Arnold, sorry to hear about your leg. The guy you encountered sounds to me like someone who was in a hurry to cash in his food stamps!

      Why don’t you come over and join the winning side before it’s too late? You’ll find a lot more love, compassion, and acceptance among the saints than you will with the sinners. There’s no honor among thieves and scoundrels.

      • And we’ll throw a party when you, “Arnold Friend,” repent and return home to the Triune God.
        See Jesus the Christ’s parable about the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32).

  4. They immaturely crave power and loathe responsibility at the same time– being a left/liberal means never having to grow up (the “terrible twos”– me, me, me!) and they’ll force everyone to go along with that if they can!

  5. OUTSTANDING post, Mike!!!

    Tammy Bruce, author of The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left’s Assault on Our Culture and Values, has an explanation for the Left’s self-hatred. Bruce was a Leftist once, the former president of the Los Angeles chapter of the radical feminist NOW, so she speaks from personal knowledge of the Left.

    Bruce says that every leftist she’s known was psychologically traumatized in their childhood. But instead of seeking genuine psychological help (and more importantly, spiritual help from God), the Left become malignant narcissists who project their hatred of their parents (their first authority figures) onto America. And so they are determined to destroy America in their quest to transform the rest of society to mirror their own hurt and pain.

    In other words, the Left’s fundamental problem is psychological and spiritual. Being malignant narcissists, they refuse to humble themselves before God. For like Lucifer, the first malignant narcissist, they too want to be “as God.” And they’ll tear down everything in their futile quest.

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  8. Great article, Mike! It cuts to the heart of the problem. We currently have the Obamas riding high, but not without the consent of a lot of Americans. That means the country is spiritually and morally sick, and that the real change needs to happen in our hearts. When even one person makes Christ the Lord of their life, the kingdom of heaven floods into their heart with a force that can change the world.

  9. Extremely well stated. Am re-posting, every word over on PC: https://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com/

  10. Thank you, Gunny, Hocuspocus, Traildust, Patriot USA, Eric, Dave, Gingercake and John!

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  12. Well…I’m thinking of that book…”All I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned in Kintergarten.” I’m going back to gradeschool/human behavior on this one:

    When you worked hard to earn something & then “got” it, you were proud. You might have even “showed it off,” for others to admire, you took care of it—even if it was “Just” a grade on paper…you kept track of it, worked to keep it in good condition. You learned that there were things that , if you worked, put in the steps to achieve the stated goal/learning curve, maybe went about it neatly & with good sportsmanship (like maybe even helpig others learn what you learned)/ academic focus or whatever—–you could do it over & over & earn many things you desired. You eventually began to see that all these “earnings” were building blocks for the rest of your life….you could pile them up & make a career out of your record..YOU were in charge of YOU.

    Sometimes when others saw what you earned, they wanted to do the same thing, too… …even competed to get MORE than you But, there were, and always will be others, who want what you have, but they are not willing to earn it. They are not willing to take the same opportunities as you did, and develop their own locus of control over their course in life. Someitmes they find out that they can steal what you have, or brow-beat the teachers and parents & community into making a special exception so they can STILL get what they want when they want it and when they see it…without doing it the “hard way.” These people often want extra help to get what you have b/c they think “equal opportunity” isn’t enough, b/c they want “equal outcome,” no matter what. But instread of grasping the many hands that are outstretched to pull them up….they reach out to take. Many times, if they don’t get everything they want from those outstretched hands, or can’t “steal” enough through one means or another ….the last resort is HATE and BLAME, REJECTION and DESTRUCTION: It’s what the old guys used to call,” Looking a gift horse in the mouth.”

  13. Well, personally I don’t think it is quite as simple as “democrat” or “republican”, as some people label themselves as such in full ignorance of what the title implies. Although it must be said that “america” isn’t so great, consider the history of ben franklin, a loose man who liked loose women and robbed graves for the sake of “science” (to say nothing of his membership in the hellfire club), from the country’s very begining it was already compromised by elements of evil, it was set by freemasons/luciferians to becomes the “new atlantis”, and that entails much pride, much communism/satanism etc. and a complete disregard for God. Needless to say, it seems to be well on its way towards that end. Perhaps I could be labeled as biased, as I haven’t got any patriotism whatsoever, my loyalty is strictly to that which is Good, not to a state, nor a system of governance, and my concern is strictly for the citizenry… it wasn’t “america” that did good for anyone, it cannot do anything for anyone, it isn’t a person, however it was the citizenry that did all the good.

    As for why progressives etc. hate, that is because they follow after evil, whether knowingly or without knowledge of doing so, that evil which they follow does not understand Love, nor can it comprehend it, for there is none in it. There is also a generational factor however, some are born and raised in it, and never take the time to question their “progressive” underpinnings, much like a cult. Remember that some are raised to believe the old lies, and consider mankind to be a virus, instead of properly viewing sin as the virus, and mankind as something meriting mercy and medical treatment for being the host of the virus.

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  15. This is buttfuck retarded. Read a book or something.

  16. commonsnese@aol.com

    Liberals and progressives are self hating marxists. They need someone to blame for the failure of the hippies cultural revolution. What they seem ignorant to, is that in any other culture (aka islam or china or russia or north korea) they would not be able to “transform” anything. In anything but a western christian society, liberals would be imprisoned, tortured and/ or murdered. Poor deluded progressives. The Frankfurt school marxists took over our educational system, they have brainwashed college students for 40 years, and grade school kids for almost 30. Sad… we may very well have another civil war, with conservatives as freedom fighters.

  17. “Have you ever seen a man get rejected by a beautiful woman? At first, he criticizes her, looking for whatever flaws he can find, then he despises her, and eventually he hates her.”

    I suppose he could decide to work out a little bit, to get more fit. Then, maybe buy some nicer clothes, maybe straighten up his hair, and shave regularly. He could take steps to gain some confidence, so that when he talks to the next girl, he’s prepared.

    But, of course, you don’t want him to improve. Why? Because, that would mean he has to CHANGE.

    And to you, all change is bad.

    • Derek,

      I have no idea what you are trying to say. Conservatives don’t want liberals to improve or change? In other words, we can’t win — it’s always our fault. What a strange mind you have.

  18. Until recently I always considered myself as liberal and Democratic. The Republicans can be or at least seem so backward and downright oppressive. However, after seeing how Democrats and progressives betray all that America was good for and about, want to invade their own country with 3rd world willing slaves, and destructive peoples, I don’t any more. I’m more independent now, even Republican with a Libertarian side still only. I think now that both parties have been bought off and have become very selfish and don’t mind being the paper pushing secretaries of the world’s elites really running this country, and sadly running it into the ground too. God save and bless America once again.

  19. It’s really the Rothschilds that have bought our for sale congress and even the white house, a government for sale. They have blackened the soul of this country with both self-righteous indignation and reckless abuses of sins – catering only to the (dangerous) extremes! Their religion is the Talmud, it’s a spin 0ff of the “Torah” (the old testament) and they are ore then happy to make the forgiveness of sins look bad with the abuses of sins, and cater to the self-righteous being that themselves too. Yet none are righteous and they know it. The Talmud is their pick and choose book, and is not consistent with American conservatives per say. Therefore make no mistake, they are out to destroy us both. Thanks.

    • It’s really the Rothschilds that have bought our for sale congress and even the white house

      Proof. Evidence. Source(s), please.

      • History is their judge, a string of wars they finance and profit from, the control and misuse of our military and their foundation the Talmud – calling all non-jews their Goyim, their animals only in human form – is the only proof I need.

        Our presidents (Lincoln and Kennedy) assassinated followed by loss of control of our government, and sovereignty of the people, transferred to the NWO, international bankers and UN is NOT by coincidence either!

        Thank you.

  20. Mike Tillinghast

    Best honest article I’ve read in years. The fight for freedom is in our own back yard. M.T.

  21. You had me right up until you went with the christian revisionist aspect of the country.

    America never was and still isn’t a Christian nation we were not founded on the Christian bible.

    If we were than the part of the first amendment which states the state shall not interfere with the church and the church shall not interfere with the state. Essentially the ground work of seperation of church and state.

    Also you cannot have freedom of religion if you do not have freedom from religion. Hell you opened yourself with the fact that the pilgrims were fleeing religious persecution and the founders continued that theme because they knew having a state sponsored religion would reignite the same persecution that was happening in Europe at the time!

    Also read the treaty of Tripoli article 13 if memory serves me and in that document signed off by one of the founding fathers it states that America was not founded on the Christian religion.


    Now as for the rest I agree. We have done so much for the world, we may not have been perfect but we’ve always tried to do the right thing.

  22. I can understand why the little people hate America but why do the people Like Hillary, Obama, George Clooney and etc. Only in America could they have went so far yet they despise America.

  23. I think that was a pretty good essay. I woke up in a bad mood thinking about how much Obama and the Democrats have been destroying America.
    It’s good to know that there is still hope.

  24. I especially liked the list of socialist aggressions.
    You should update it to include no food in Venezuela.


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