99% of Philadelphia wards voted for Obama!

With tongue in cheek, I used to tell my students how one-party dictatorships are more democratic than the United States. Not only do one-party dictatorships like Nazi Germany and Communist China have elections, they have 100% voter turnout and the One Party gets all the votes!

Case in point:

Did you know that Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany after his National Socialist Party won only one-third of the votes in the election of 1932? (In the election’s first round of voting, the Nazi Party received 30.1% of total votes; in the second round, its take was 36.8%.)

The election of 1932 turned out to be the last competitive election in Germany until after the Second World War.

Two years later, in 1934, Hitler’s main opponent Paul von Hindenburg died. Hindenburg had become Germany’s President in 1932 when his Independent Party won an absolute majority of votes of 53%. Upon Hinderburg’s death, Hitler abolished the office of the presidency entirely, and replaced it with the new position of Führer und Reichskanzler (“Leader and Reich Chancellor”), thereby cementing his dictatorship.

But like all one-party dictatorships, Hitler went through the pretense of having a national plebiscite to let the German people approve or disapprove of his power consolidation.

On August 19, 1934, about 95% of registered voters in Germany went to the polls and gave Hitler 38 million votes of approval or 90% of the vote. Thus Adolf Hitler could claim he was Führer of the German nation by direct will of the people. Hitler now wielded absolute power in Germany, beyond that of any previous traditional head of state. He had become, in effect, the law unto himself. [Source]

The day after the national plebiscite, on August 20, 1934, mandatory loyalty oaths to Hitler were introduced throughout the Reich.

The point I was making to my students was to be suspicious of any politician (or party) who garners votes of incredibly high percentages, such as Hitler’s 90% in 1934.


Because human beings are naturally disagreeable and contentious and, thus, for 90-100% of us to agree on anything is the height of improbability, which suggests the vote’s been rigged.

Flash forward 78 years to the 2012 Election in the U.S.A.

Did you know that in 2008 Barry Soetoro Obama got a remarkable 85% of the vote in Philadelphia? But in 2012, he did even better! On November 6, 2012, B. S. Obama got – GASP! — 99% or more of the votes cast in 13 of Philadelphia’s wards!!!!!!!!

What an astonishing miraculous accomplishment! As Kris Zane of The Western Center for Journalism puts it, that accomplishment is especially amazing considering Philadelphia’s record unemployment, record homicide rate, and an Obama-induced economy that has literally bankrupted the city!

Zane reminds us: “As reported in the Wikileaks Stratfor email dump earlier this year, the Obama campaign was engaged in massive ballot stuffing in Philadelphia and Ohio, more than likely by sabotaging voting machines and then having ’emergency’ ballots ready to switch with backup paper ballots.”

Zane points out that “The mainstream media tried to downplay the massive amount of voting machines problems, but there were reported problems from coast to coast.”

So did Obama do the same thing on a nationwide scale as the vote-rigging in Philadelphia?


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8 years ago

excellent post Dr.Eowyn!

8 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this remarkable post of which I learned so much! Clearly, it is improbable for any candidate to pick up 99% of the votes and especially in such a large city as Philadelphia, where people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs live. Therefore, from the preponderance of the evidence, which essentially means what most likely has happened here, there has been fraud perpetrated in Philadelphia. And, logic tells you that if there is fraud in Philadelphia, there is fraud everywhere. It makes perfect sense now that Hilary Clinton stated that she guaranteed that Obama would win. My… Read more »

8 years ago

I believe the enormity of voter fraud is evident… but how do powerless little people like us prove it?

Carl Gottstein Jr. (@NYPatriots4Life)

Lobby members of the electoral college, they can vote for Romney. They are the last check and balance to this tyranny.

8 years ago

This is America!! If WE cant stop the FRAUD in our own Country….how are we to help other countries?? I dont believe the American people will let this stand if this is true!