911 Emergency Calls – It Was a Race Riot at Wisconsin State Fair

On August 5, 2011, hundreds of blacks rioted at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee. The police refused to identify the melee as either racial in character or a riot.
More than a week later, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the state’s police finally admitted the truth — that it was a riot and that “hate crimes” (euphemism for racism) were committed.
3 days after Wisconsin State Fair “flash mob,” the tape of 911 emergency calls made that night was released. Those calls make clear it was a race riot — by blacks. You can hear the audio tape of the 911 calls yourself, below.

Authorities release 911 tapes of State Fair mob attacks

By Jay Sorgi and the WTMJ News Team – Aug. 8, 2011
WEST ALLIS – Milwaukee County officials are releasing 911 tapes from the mob attacks that happened on the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair.
They describe the nature of the attacks, and some callers particularly claim a racial overtone ot the attack.
Caller: “We’re outside State Fair and there’s a white guy getting beaten up by about 100 black people,”
Dispatcher: “Where?”
Caller: “84th Street right by the Pettit Center.”
Callers: “It’s like a fricking riot out there.  They’re jumping on our cars and everything.”  “There’s 300 black people.”  “There’s, like, a riot.”  “You better get some cops down here by State Fair Park.”  “There’s about 200 kids out here beating guys up.”
Another caller graphically described his mother getting beaten up as they were driving away from the scene to safety.
Caller: “My mom just got attacked by a black mob, and her eye is, like, bleeding.”
Dispatcher: “Where are you?”
After a lot of confusion, caller: “We’re on 84th and the freeway.”
(A woman is repeatedly screaming in the background.)
Caller: “She’s bleeding a lot.”
The 911 dispatcher told the family to drive to a fire station on 84th Street to get medical treatment.
Another situation described the anger a husband felt about her wife getting attacked.
Caller: “My wife comes home with a fricking black eye, and you guys ain’t doin’ (expletive) about it?”
When the 911 dispatcher asks if she needs medical, attention, he responds, “You need to get the (expletive) riot squad over there and haul them off to jail.”
Another caller described how some attackers were opening car doors.
Caller: “My friend just got hit in the face.  They opened the car door and hit her in the face.  They pounded her car.”
More than two dozen people were arrested and several innocent fair goers were hurt when a giant mob of people flooded the area around the fair grounds.
At least seven police officers were injured amid the chaos, and we are now hearing some of the cries for help as fights broke out and property was damaged.
State Fair has stepped up security and authorities are still investigating the incident.

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Clifton Lee West

The Black Caucus is promoting this type of behavior, the Black leaders in general are promoting this, spokespeople for the Blacks are promoting this, so I guess it’s time to have a race war. Of course, it won’t be called that and it won’t be the Black’s fault, it will be blamed on the members of the Tea Party. This whole thing is a political ploy to get Barack Obama re-elected, and nothing more. If the American people can’t see through this, we deserve that fate. Wasn’t 2008 stupid enough, do we have to double down and do it again?… Read more »

Tom in NC
Tom in NC

This is a play right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and the Weather Underground’s playbook. Promoted and protected by this administration, Holders justice department, the congressional black caucus, and the public sector unions. The closer we get to the election next year, the worse it will get, this is only the beginning. Protect yourself and your families, do whatever is necessary. Keep pepper spray with you at all times, buy a handgun, get a concealed carry permit and get proficient at it’s use. Above all, always be cognizant of your surroundings especially after dark. The next 16 months… Read more »


The commenters here are absolutely correct in their assessment of this situation; from the comments about Saul Alinsky to the Black Caucus. I watched a video compilation this morning of Black Caucus members like Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson and that damned Alcee Hastings. They are hateful fomenters of black unrest . This is nothing but an attempt to get themselves re elected regardless of the conseqences of their actions. They are outing themselves as the racists they are, and exhibit the worst of their race. Shame on them!!!!!!!! BUT, they have no shame.

Ted Nougat
Ted Nougat

We will probably start hearing that these are members of the Black Tea Party Caucus or something. It’s getting that stupid now.
As the above posts have correctly stated, we are in a dangerous time, politically, and some black leaders are fomenting racial strife. It’s all they know. Their policies create this “marginalized” class to start with, then they indoctrinated them with racial/class warfare sentiments and present themselves as saviors to the plight of the masses. Third-world mentality.
Peaceful but Prepared.


i live about 40 miles south of milwaukee and the local radio, tv and print news have reported absolutely nothing on the happenings at this years wi. state fair. could you imagine the out cry if this was gangs of whites attacking black people. the national media, as well as the local media would still be yelling about it with the byline this proves there still is racism end affirmative action (racial discrimination) now.. the biggest racists today it seems are those members of the cbc and the naacp along with rev jackson and sharpton

cold war warrior
cold war warrior

When they start the crap pull out your gun and shoot them when they pull your car door open. Make sure you have your video camera going.


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