90% of Occupy London Tents are Empty at Night

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The London offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is camped right in front of England’s venerable St. Paul’s Cathedral. Last week, the encampment forced the cathedral to shut down for the first time since the Blitz in World War II.

Occupy St. Paul's tent city during the day

But thermal imaging photography taken from a police helicopter found only one in ten tents were occupied after dark.
So last Monday night (Oct. 24), the Daily Mail commissioned a thermal imaging company to take pictures of the protesters’ tents with a thermal imaging camera.
The damning images show that just a fraction of the protesters’ tents was actually occupied.
In the shots, the presence of body heat from humans is represented by yellow and red inside the tents. The tents that are coloured purple indicate they are colder and thus empty. The buildings behind are also yellow and red because of the higher temperatures inside.

The images suggest the vast majority of the demonstrators who gather around the cathedral to denounce capitalism during the day go home or to a hotel to stay warm at night.
Tory MP Mark Field has a sensible suggestion: “It appears it’s a daytime protest that dies off at night – so that would be the time for police to go in and remove them.”
Read more in the Daily Mail, here.
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0 responses to “90% of Occupy London Tents are Empty at Night

  1. What, actually sleep outside? How gouche!

  2. To defend themselves against unprovoked attacks, the 99% must depend on themselves. To defend themselves from the anger of the 99%, the 1% hires elements of the 99% to do their work for them. Money talks, the rest of us sleep in uninsulated tents as the police confiscate insulation as contraband. Where is there harm in insulation from the cold of a Northeastern winter?

    • If the 99% don’t want to work for the 1%, no one is forcing them to. I’m sure they can get plenty of good paying jobs from poor people.
      They aren’t sleeping in the tents because it’s cold at night. Hypocrites, kinda like the OWS New Yorkers going back to their $700 hotel rooms at night for warmth/rest.

  3. Have you ever rented a $700 hotel room? They’re pretty spartan in high priced New York. Something like a Motel 6 room in red state America.


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