86M Americans simply don't want to work: 40% of women, 28% of men, 39% of youth

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There is a simple truth about America’s declining unemployment numbers about which the MSM don’t tell you.
Many of the unemployed — TENS OF MILLIONS of them — have simply stopped looking for work. They’ve dropped out of the U.S. labor force, and so they are not counted among the ranks of the “unemployed.”
Paul Bedard reports for Washington Examiner, Nov. 14, 2014, that a mind-boggling 92 million Americans, or nearly 4 in every 10 Americans, are not in the labor force.
That’s more than the population of entire countries. More Americans have dropped out of the labor force than the entire population of Vietnam (89.7 million) or Egypt (87.5 million) or Germany (80.7 million) or France (66 million). In fact, there are more Americans who are not working than TWICE the population of Spain.
And now we know the reason why so many Americans have dropped out of the labor force: They have simply given up and don’t want to work.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 93% (or 85.9 million adults) of the people not in the labor force are those who don’t want a job. So much for the much-touted Protestant Work Ethic that had industrialized America and transformed it into a world super power.
So who are these American ADULTS that simply don’t want to work?
According to a Pew Research Center analysis out last Friday, Nov. 14, they are:

  • 28.5% of men said they didn’t want a job in October 2014 — up from 23.9% in October 2000 and 25.2% in October 2008.
  • 40.2% of women said they didn’t want a job in October 2014 — up from 38% throughout the 2000s.
  • 39% of young adults (ages 16-24) don’t want to work, up from 29% in 2000.

Americans who don't want to work
The number of Americans who don’t work will only increase — exponentially — in coming years.
Business Standard reports, Nov. 17, 2014, that advances in technology, especially robotics, will render obsolete half of today’s occupations by 2025 — in 11 years.
According to a report titled “Fast Forward 2030: The Future of Work and the Workplace,” based on interviews with 220 experts, business leaders and young people from Asia, Europe and North America, “Nearly 50 per cent of occupations today will no longer exist in 2025.”
The upside is that new jobs will require creative intelligence, social and emotional intelligence and ability to leverage artificial intelligence, which means those new jobs will be immensely more fulfilling than today’s jobs — for the economic élite.
But what will society do with the teeming HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of Americans who no longer work?
Answer: Expect even more distracting, sensationalist, self-indulgent, mind-rotting and soul-rotting garbage on your TV and in movies, sports, and pop “music.”
No wonder the average I.Q. of humans across the world is declining.
World IQ
H/t Vdare
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0 responses to “86M Americans simply don't want to work: 40% of women, 28% of men, 39% of youth

  1. Nice! This is Obamanomics at its pinnacle. I’m sure Michelle has never been more proud of her country and the sloth they have created.

  2. Kinda goes along with today’s lack of morals and values in our country. Seems many today have this false royalty mentality (whether wealthy or poor) where they believe they are entitled to being “taken care of” because they are “special”. It’s quite pathetic…hard work used to get you a pat on the back, today, it’s frowned upon.

  3. Hey, why bother working? Pajama boy gets to cuddle up on mom and dad’s couch with his hot cocoa cup!
    But really, it’s hard to find a job these days (took me 9 months). Then when you do, the pay is nothing like it was 8 years ago. Thanks Obama!

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this remarkable post. This is a real slap in the face at the Triune God, because those who refuse to work, excluding those individuals who are truly disabled, are not using their God-given talents to contribute to society and to help themselves.

  5. Whose idea was it to NOT have these people counted as the “Unemployed”?
    Also,I’d like to know what percentage of the Disabled would work if they could find work that paid enough to cover their bills. (Many that I know would gladly go back to work,but in reality,their age and their health problems would make it hard to put them in jobs they could get along with.) “Gettin’ OLD ain’t for Sissies.”

  6. I am one of those people who do not want to work anymore, and let me tell you why. I have had to deal with—I’ll be polite—schmendricks and idiots at every single step in my working life.
    I’ve worked in an office, only to put up with that jerk for eight hours a day for years on end.
    I’ve worked in retail, only to have people shoplift from in front of me.
    I’ve worked in sales, only to have colleagues steal the sale from me.
    I worked as a teacher, only to have administrators undercut my authority.
    I now work as a yellow cab driver here in New York City, only to have two mayors undercut my market share, slow down traffic and sic the cops on me because I’m a target. This, after the economy has been torpedoed by politics and Wall Street. My income has been CUT. IN. HALF. And many other drivers say the same thing.
    I would like to do voiceovers (I’ve got the voice), but agents want to keep me to themselves only.
    People all across America are tired of being dragged down and put down! Sure America has more than its fair share of grifters and lazy fraudsters. Take it from Everyman: We’re tired of a lifetime of abuse: From colleagues, from the public, from supervisors, from politicians and the Establishment.
    And at the age of 58, I am NOT looking forward to what is coming: Nationwide poverty, renting a room in a flophouse, the coming crime wave and the death panels.
    My generation REALLY. GOT. SCREWED. Our parents and we had been told when we were kids we we’re going to have a great future. Yeah, well, the truth states otherwise: America has been on a death spiral ever since Kennedy got assassinated. Every year there’s another Turn of the Screw. And there is no end in sight save the grave. And now we have another Bush vs. Clinton to look forward to?!?!
    So lecture me again on why I don’t want to work. I’m a single white straight male. Where’s my free ride?

  7. Well they better get off the couch cause we have about 5 million more illegals to support starting Friday!! And obviously they have priority in EVERYTHING.


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