800 freaks in pre-DNC protest

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A day before the Democratic National Convention begins in Charlotte, NC, an estimated 800 malcontents turned out for a protest march. The ostensible purpose was to decry corporate greed, but it drew other causes as well.

I spotted the following signs and slogans:

March on Wall Street South

It’s Time to Build People’s Power

Take $$$ Out of Politics

LGBTQ People

Chiquita Banana Funds Terrorism

and chants of “No War! Give Obama Prison Time!”

Funny, but I’m pretty sure every one of those demonstrators wear and/or use something that was made by those eeeevil corporations.

H/t Patriot Action Network


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0 responses to “800 freaks in pre-DNC protest

  1. Here is something

    President Obama is the most blatant unAmerican leader we have ever had. 
    President Obama gave Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi 1.5 billion in American aid when he became President of Egypt. 
    President Obama is now also forgiving Egypt it’s debts to the United States which amounts to One billion dollars. 
    Wait a minute, that’s not all, President Obama is also helping the President of Egypt secure 4.8 billion in financing from the International Monetary Fund at the United Nations. 
    And if that’s still not enough, President Obama is also giving special guarantees to all American contractors who go to Egypt to serve the new Egyptian President, that means they will not fear any harm from the U.S. Justice Department on legal matters from a known terrorist group now running the government of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, which by the way is a sworn enemy of the nation of Israel. And the Muslim Brotherhood is also on the list of terrorist organizations at the U.S. State Department. 
    The Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has become the Fidel Castro of the middle east with evil speeches against America and our friends. That is the kind of person President Obama has become to the citizens of the United States. 

    President Obama has shown his true side to the American people. He is not an American by any stretch of the imagination. He is in fact in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution by giving aid and comfort to a verified enemy. He is committing treason against the United States. 

    • And congress will do nothing We can not afford to leave this man in power for 5 more months he is going to start a new world war.He can not win re election ,so he will do as much harm as he can in his time left.he has already committed dozens of impeachable offenses .

  2. you tube and in this case you tube = boob tube

  3. They have found a home where the donkeys Roam

  4. Way more demonstrators than at the RNC, for some reason…

  5. Maybe all these demonstrators were hired by Valerie Jarrett so that they can can the Convention and declare Martial Law!!!!! If you check on the NY Times expose of the virtual presidentess of the US, she thinks that the presidential goal is all but in the bag, she calls it the Home Stretch. Is that something they do at home in Chicago. Maybe the home stretch is the legion of Chicago PD forces that have arrived in NC for the Obama/Biden shindig. That is really stretching Chicago out all the way……………………….this is going to be a weird one for sure. It’s starting off in a weird way with National Empty Chair Day. They may have to have an imaginary riot because hardly anyone will turn up.
    There may be thousands of empty chairs. A repeat of the Olympic Games. Every empty chair symbolizing all the aborted babies, and people thought Herod was a jerk.
    The spirit of Herod is really desperate it would seem.
    Maybe there’s a Moses somewhere floating down a river in a little basket cradle………………………………………
    or better yet, in a twinkling of an eye……………………………
    here it comes………………………………………..like a freight train coming down the track. Come on Jesus!!!!!!


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