77 California cities on ‘economically challenged’ list

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And yet they consistently vote for democrats.
lauren bacall
This should come as a shock to no one: Nearly a third of Californians (approximately 12 million) live in 77 “economically challenged” cities that’s equal to the entire population of the state of Ohio — and a quarter of all challenged cities in the country are in California. “Economically challenged” cities have high levels of poverty, and low levels of income and employment. They are defined as those with unemployment rates of 9 percent or above, and/or with more than 20 percent of adults living in poverty.
And if that isn’t bad enough, the report from the National Resource Network says California’s distressed cities are more than a quarter of the 297 U.S. cities over 40,000 population that fall into that category. Nationally, about 30 percent of cities are classified as economically challenged, but in California it is 40 percent.
The five most populous California cities singled out in the report are Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Long Beach and Riverside. The 72 others are mostly in inland regions, with the small smallest being Coachella, near Palm Springs, home to low-wage farm and resort workers.
Three of the cities on the list – San Bernardino, Stockton and Vallejo – have declared bankruptcy in recent years.
No surprise here. Liberals in charge there don’t understand math. California, and local governments, are broke.
Public pensions are broke: Even as California taxpayers pay more for the pensions, it’s still not enough to cover costs.
And spending money you don’t have is apparently not an issue in California. Half of California’s illegal aliens– about 1.4 million — have incomes low enough to qualify for full Medi-Cal benefits should California legislative proposals to offer coverage to the undocumented ever be enacted.
And the Census Bureau reported in September that California’s official poverty rate for 2014 was 16.3 percent, somewhat higher than the national rate of 14.7 percent.

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0 responses to “77 California cities on ‘economically challenged’ list

  1. the more impoverished the people are, the more they are willing to “vote” for “goodies” and question nothing

  2. Meanwhile, California’s state and local government debts are now a whopping $1.5 TRILLION.

  3. My heart goes out to those individuals and families that are doing all;they can to care for them selves and their families. When you know that this is just not sustainable. Watching this phenomena is akin to watching the titanic sink.
    Great post!

  4. To paraphrase Lauren Bacall, whom I still like as an actress:
    ‘They say liberals don’t stand for anything. That’s patently untrue. We stand for anything.’ -Barack Obama, at the 2006 Gridiron dinner
    “The liberals have many tails … and chase them all.” -H. L. Mencken

  5. Don’t you just love liberals. They give more, BS, no, they take more from those that work their rears off and give it to those undeserving, then take the credit.
    I have yet to see one take in a house full of homeless and have only seen a token few actually go and slop some food on trays at a food kitchen.
    A few give the token donations and act like they have given the world, compared to their income, it is nothing.
    We do have a few in Hollywood act like true Americans, we call the Conservatives.
    America is the most giving and passionate country in the world, compared to others, no one can match us, but it mainly comes from middle and lower class people.
    Most of the uber rich, only give to something that will benefit them or to use as a tax write off. If they were sincere, why don’t they narrow their lifestyle down and stop living the opulent life and do away with the multi houses and do some real charity. Live like those they claim to feel for. Then I will believe them.
    Bacall may be a great actress, but she is just another tool for the liberal agenda.

    • As between liberals and conservatives, who donates more to charity? The answer is it isn’t even close. According to the book “Who Really Cares” by Arthur Brooks, conservative-headed households are more generous with their money by some 30 percent and also give far more of their time. -writer Larry Elder

  6. You all know by now that I live in So Cal, Inland Empire……between Riverside and San Diego……Riverside Co. is a “sanctuary COUNTY” and has been for decades. Because I’ve written private, state and federal grants for our school….I know the stats. 15 years ago….48% of our kids were on free breakfast/lunch program……it long ago surpassed 78% Yet…..despite some real hardship stories…..the majority of “our kids” arrive at school healthy, nicely-cared-for….ready to learn (of course—SOME behavior problems….here and there with a hard-core few)…..But mostly…they are “age-appropriate,” and we pretty-much form a “mentoring” atmosphere with them, especially those in need of interventions. The problem is…..here in CA, we have reached that point where we are (as the Iron Lady warned) “running out of other people’s money.” I KNOW there are pension problems, and wage inequities or people attempting (IMO) “OVER-equitous “solutions,” but……the basic problem is….there are so few of us working…(i.e., not illegal and “under the table,” not paying taxes; not claiming a disability; not receiving welfare or aid to mothers, children whatever….; not retired in the sunshine; did NOT abandon their underwater homes or declare bankruptcy; sober, drug-free, in full possessioin of our teeth, don’t own a quad, a travel home or “toy-carrier, ” and $10,000-worth of full-sleeve and calf/body tattoos………while the kids get free lunch at school….and so on, and so on……). In the next decade in CA—EVERY “baby-boomer” will be retired or dead—-most having worked until age 70 or more. You think things are “bad” now……just wait……

  7. California, said Fred Allen, “is a state a thousand miles long, 400 miles wide and half an inch deep!” Yep, the Democrat Gang is about to kill the goose that laid the Golden Egg. How fitting it is they have the Omega Man, Jerry Brown, to lead them.
    Is there any balm in Gilead?

  8. Crying poverty by these cities is a bold-faced lie. Simply search ‘CAFR’ to find the truth. You won’t like it very much when you see the bigger picture therein.

    • While I’m not about to read through California’s most recent CAFR (all 280+ pages of it), I noted they use the term “negative unrestricted net position” a lot. And while their state tax revenue increased by $6.6 billion, their government expenses for activities increased by $15.4 billion. That doesn’t add up to a positive net position.
      And if you read the link provided by Dr. Eowyn, their budget is not balanced.
      California and the US government are broke. Through their special math and accounting practices, we may never know the actual fiscal truth.


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