75 Bystanders (Incl. Police & Firemen) Watch Man Drown in Calif

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Crab Cove, Alameda, California

This is what our litigious, bureaucratized society has come to….

Alameda is a small island city across the bay from San Francisco. Last Memorial Day, a man walked into the 60° water off Crown Beach, intent on committing suicide by drowning himself. A crowd of about 75 gathered, including police and firemen, and just watched the man slowly die and eventually go under the water.

The reason?

The public employees say due to budget cuts, they haven’t been certified in water rescue and would risk lawsuits if they had tried to save the man.

Alan Wang of ABC7 reports, May 30, 2011, that Alameda police received a call shortly before noon on Monday from a woman saying her son wanted to kill himself. Raymond Zack, 53, then walked out into the water off Crown Beach. For more than an hour, Zack stood up to his neck in the frigid surf. But Alameda police and firefighters stood by and watched as the man drowned.

About 75 beachgoers could not understand why Alameda police officers and firefighters stood idly by and watched the man slowly succumb to the 60 degree water.

“I thought it was kind of weird that they weren’t going out to bring the guy in, you know, he was out there, his head was above water, he was looking at everybody, there was plenty of time for them to react,” witness Perry Smith said.

“Well, we expected to see at some point that there would be a concern for him and somebody would go out there and pull him in,” witness Gary Barlow said. “It’s horrible. How can we let that happen? How can our emergency personnel allow that to happen? I don’t get it, I don’t understand it.”

The man was a 150 yards out; it was too shallow for a Coast Guard boat and its helicopter was on another call. It arrived too late.

Authorities say they had no choice but to stand on the shoreline. “We’re not trained to go into the water, obviously the type of gear that we have on, we don’t have the type of equipment that you would use to go into the water,” Alameda Police Lt. Joe McNiff said.

The Alameda Fire Department says budget constraints are preventing it from recertifying its firefighters in land-based water rescues. Without it, the city would be open to liability.

Alameda firefighters could not even go into the water to get the body, so they waited until a woman in her 20s volunteered to bring the body back to the beach.

Alas, it turns out that Alameda city had budgeted for eight water rescues.

The city council got an earful from angry citizens; the mayor is calling for an independent investigation; and Alameda Fire Chief Michael D’Orazi, after announcing he would no longer answer questions from reporters, is nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Raymond Zack is still dead.

Go here to watch the news video.


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13 responses to “75 Bystanders (Incl. Police & Firemen) Watch Man Drown in Calif

  1. Peri McMillan

    First of all I can’t understand how anyone could allow something like this to happen, whether it was the police, firefighters, etc etc etc. How could those regular people allow it? Even though they’re not employed by the city, I don’t understand how ANYONE with a conscience could allow this to occur. People today are so good at blaming others. Someone should have helped this man.

  2. Just so sad…what has become of humanity?

  3. Peri McMillan

    Exactly DCG. What has become of humanity? We used to be concerned about others and help. Today, though, so many people are simply concerned about themselves only. So sad is right. Oftentimes things like this make me want to resign from the human race. All of those people who just stood and watched should be ashamed..

  4. These goobers are working on a friggin’ island, and they aren’t trained to go into the friggin’ water?

    That’s government for you.


  5. Soon to be running healthcare… public-sector unions in action (“inaction,” actually).

  6. Peri McMillan

    Under the circumstances, no hope and waaay too much change. I hate it and oftentimes the way people have become.

  7. Headline: 75 People Choose To Do Nothing and Then Blame Someone Else.

  8. Just like the UN forces at Srebrenica in Bosnia, ’95.

  9. lowtechgrannie

    Sadly, I think I can answer that question. For many years the public school system has been using curriculum and methods to breakdown moral values, destroying individual conscience and initiative.

    Charlotte Iserbyt wrote about it in her pamphlet, THE DEATH OF FREE WILL. It’s sickening and has been going on, financed by our tax dollars, for many years. I’ll post per pamphlet as a pdf file.

    • Can’t have a socially-just utopia withouit sheeple and tyranical government, comrade! (Of course, leftards who can’t put down the bong don’t realize it doesn’t work… educrats and diversity mavens weren’t the brightest ones in school, you know.)

  10. reminds me of an earlier post where the fire dept. watched as someones home burned to the ground because the man hadn’t payed some sort of extra fee for fire protection or some such b.s. I wonder what the response would have been if this man had been a minority? hope and change


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